The Things I Have Learned

Alright well it has been another week here in blessed Central America. It was good to see everyone's faces this past week and weird to remember that you guys are all still alive. But congrats Micah and Elise for the pregnancy weird that you will be parents.

But anyways we had Christmas here and it was fine. We had p-day on Christmas and that was good. We left the house early and walked around and the city was destroyed. Everything was just dead and there was nobody was on the streets. On the 24th we had permission to stay out late and we were at the Bishop's house. We just had a nice traditional meal of tamales and ponche which is kind of like wassail. Other than that we just took it easy on Christmas.

This weekend we had 3 baptisms. On Saturday we married Fabiola and Javier. They are 17 and 18 and she is going to have a baby in March I think. Also the mother of Javier was baptized. She is 55 and her name is Telma. Also I baptized a little girl in our ward who turned 8. Her parents are inactive and her dad served a mission. It was a good experience. But I have done that twice now and it really just makes me really sad. I made a commitment that I will always be worthy to baptize my own children.

This Saturday we are going to baptize a family of 3. The father had been struggling to stop playing soccer on Sunday. He wouldn't commit to anything. Then yesterday we went to teach them and he told us that they were ready to get baptized. We were so happy, we had been praying and fasting to help him.

So when you guys asked me the things I have learned so far I kind of froze up. What I have learned the most on my mission so far is how infinite and personal the atonement is. Because really sometimes I get so frustrated with how crazy everyone is down here. But really I have learned that I am not the one to judge them and in the last day we will all be judged on our  individual limits. God knows us personally. Also the importance of every member in the ward. Sometimes we can't get members to talk to investigators and really that makes it super hard. Every single individual is important in the church Boyd K  Packer said, "The true success of the gospel will be measured by the spiritual strength of its individual members." Each of us can reach out to somebody that is struggling. I wish I would have done better with that, before my mission with the other youth in my ward. Well I love you all and have a great new year.

Elder Wilkes


The Law of Chastity

Dear Family,

Well it's been another week here in Guatemala. Things are going well here. We have been working hard as usual and that is about it. Anyways right now we have a ton of investigators we had 15 come to church this past Sunday. This Saturday we are going to marry a family. They are 17 and 18 but the muchacha is pregnant. Really being here I have realized how grateful I am to have the Law of Chastity. The guy is named Javier and he is 17. His dad died when he was super young and really never has had an examples in his life. The girl is named Angela and they really just want to start their family off on the right foot. They are going to be baptized on Sunday along with Javier's mom. Her name is Telma and she is just like Mom I really love her so much.

Back on the subject on of the law of chastity. We have been teaching a ton of people who are sexually impure. Really its is super scary how fast the spirit will leave when we have to teach that. It is taken so lightly here and honestly destroyed so many lives. I am so grateful that we have it. Anyways we are also teaching a family named the Familia Ortiz. The husband is scared to get baptized. The wife really wants to. So we are praying super hard that they will get baptized this weekend. I love you all but we don't have a ton of time. I will see you on Thursday.

Elder Wilkes


Absolute Miracles

Dear Family,

Well it's been another week here in Guatemala. My new companion is Elder Martinez and he is from Honduras. He is 18 too. So we are some really young guns here in the mission. He only has 8 months. But he is really awesome and he is a super diligent hard worker.

This week we had 3 baptisms that were absolutely miracles. A father we baptized in the beginning of November had been waiting for his family to finally join him in the church. Honestly they had been making us super mad so we had stopped visiting them and only been talking to the dad. But my new companion wanted to meet them so we went the last appointment of the day. After my companion had gotten to know them a little, they told us that they were ready to be baptized. I honestly could not believe it. All I had ever seen them do was not progress.

Really the thing they had finally done was prayed to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. And they got their answer. Really I know that anyone who prays to God to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the church is true will get an answer.

In the baptismal service the Mom started crying and said that she finally felt clean for the first time in her life. it was a really good experience and the spirit was really strong. Its amazing to see the ways that the Lord can work on people.

In other news I have no idea what to say in these letters. We are working super hard. Getting about 12 lessons everyday and have a ton of investigators right now. Yesterday was P-day and I cut my hair and we cleaned the house hard core. Anyways send me some questions if anyone wants to know anything specific. Love you all!

Elder Wilkes


The Best Message We Can Take is a Smile

Dear Familia,

Alright well it's Tuesday again. So that means that I am obligated to write to all of you guys. Alright well we have changes so my companion is leaving. So that means that I will be here until febrero por lo menos. He is a good guy and we did have some problems but we got them all worked out. So I will get my third trainer which will be weird. This next change is 8 weeks so that will be a bit long but we have some serious work to do here.

Anyway things are going pretty good. We didn't have any investigators in church on Sunday so that was hard. Pretty much everyone we have found has some serious marriage issues. Shout out to everyone who reads this and is married by the law and not just united in living together like everyone else here. But nevertheless we are still working. I should be having my first marriage in a couple weeks so that will be good.

I really do love Guatemala. It is so crazy. On Sunday we started church with like 10 people because we have been commanded by the area presidency to start on time. Then we blessed a baby and they did it wrong so we had to get out the church manual.  So that was an awesome experience. You really just cant take anything for granted that you get to see here, because some day I wont be here.

Last night we had a fun experience, we were just knocking some doors and some lady just started saying horrible things about the church and Joseph Smith. We were getting pretty offended. But really after we realized how dumb it was. The message that we take to people really is about happiness. And we to be happy so we can take that message to others. The best message we can take is a smile. It really has been good to understand other churches more. There is basically a church on every corner. Its weird to just see the apostasy. The physical affects are very apparent. But it's always nice to remember that really no matter what people say I know that the church is true. And that Joseph Smith was a prophet. No one can ever take our testimonies away. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes


Thanksgiving in Central America

What's up Everybody,

Alright well it's been another week here in Central America. Proud of my family back home who participated in the Thanksgiving run, someday I will proudly join the group. Anyways we had a pretty good week here. We didn't have any baptisms this week. We have 3 people that could have been baptized. But it has been super sad to watch Satan just destroy all of their desires to be baptized. Really I have seen that Satan can honestly be super powerful. But God has way more power. It's really our choice to embrace either power. That's what I have learned from watching this family.

Alright so on Thanksgiving we ended up buying Dominos. That was pretty good and a real blessing. But it wasn't really worth it 20 minutes after when we were flying down the streets. They don't have Thanksgiving here and it was super hot so it really didn't seem anything like it.

Basically this week we have just been looking for news and working with the 3 progressing that we have. We had this sweet guy named Vicente Lopez who came to church on Sunday. Later that day we were at his house and he was asking us questions about the service. One of them was if Nefi was a priesthood title. At first we were super confused were he came up with that then we remembered the Elders Quorum President's name is Nefi so that was super funny. Also when we were heading to that lesson we were kinda late and so I was booking it and my comp was running behind me. I was sweating super hard and when we went to leave the lesson he thought I had sat in water. Anyways I just had to explain that I just sweat a lot. Other than that everything is good. The church put out a sweet Christmas video so we are working hard with that. It's awesome seriously everyone go watch it. Alright well everyone have a good week.

Elder Wilkes


What are we doing to serve?

Hello Family,

Alright first off want to give a quick shout out to Thanksgiving that is coming up. Seriously my favorite holiday by far. Me and Elder Shelton are going to be eating mac and cheese probably. Anyways we had a nice week once again here in Asiole: This change is flying by and there is only and week and a half left. I am guessing that I will be leaving to a new area but who knows. Anyways this last week was kinda disappointing. Pretty much any positive people that we had dropped of the face of the earth. So we are back at square one which is always super fun.

This last Sunday when everything fell through I seriously was getting ready to destroy everyone. My comp, investigators, The members. Then I had to stop and remember about really how blessed I am. One, I have already baptized 8 people in my mission. Some have them have been beyond prepared to receive the gospel as well. Two, I don't have a dirt floor and my shower will go hot every once in a while. When things in life get hard honestly just take a step back. Count your blessings then you will just laugh at all yourself for complaining. Honestly all of us are so blest. It's funny how I just realize how selfish and prideful I always was before I came down here. Really I was such a punk. That's just a quick public apology to all. (Especially Mom) Things like complaining about FHE or Scripture study, those things are pure blessings.

Another thing I have thought about a lot lately is time. Down here everyone has a saying that is "Primero Dios" or "God First." Everyone says that and basically nobody lives it. In life we all have the exact same amount of time. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, then it all starts over. We have busy schedules and crazy lives but in the end if something is important we will make time for it. If the gospel and the commandments are important to us we will make time for them. We show our love for God, Jesus Christ, and anyone else, really by the time and service we give them.

President Monson said this If we don't lose our lives to the service of our fellow man, our lives have little purpose. Occasionally we need to review and ask what we are doing to serve our fellow man. All we can do is get better. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes


With Faith Anything is Possible

Well we had another swell week here in Asiole. This week we baptized 2 children of God. That was a real blessing. One of them was the father of a part member family who were baptized in July. The mom bore her testimony and was so grateful and said that she has been praying for a change of heart in her husband. This guy has had a lot of problems in his life and had a lot of problems with the world of wisdom in the past, but he is seriously a legend. I seriously love this family. I baptized him, and honestly I was super scared because he is huge and was worried I wasn't going to be able to get him back up out of the water. But it all worked out well. The other guy we baptized is Brian. He is 14 and his mom was baptized at the begining of this month. He is a solid guy. He is the cousin of all of the jovenes that don't have a mom. They are some really solid people. Later that night we had a lesson with a promising investidagor that we have. Her name is Dora and she has a ton of problems in her life, but she told us that she has been praying for guidance for years. It's really cool and humbling to be able to tell her that we are an answer to her prayers. The gospel is the guidance that she needs. Her and her daughter are going to be baptized on the 30th of this month.

Yesterday on P-day we played some soccer at the local church and it was a good old time. I will be honest I was striking and had a bunch of goalazos. The young men from our ward were getting so mad that all of the gringos were beating them. It's so funny. Another weird thing that happened this week was we had been teaching a really old couple and we went to visit them and their house of lamina was gone. Like literally was just in this field and it is not there anymore. Anyways if they died no doubt they accepted the gospel in the afterlife. Anyways lately I have been working really hard on my faith because it lacks a lot. But I know that with faith and the Lord Jesus Christ anything is possible. Have a good week everyone.

Elder Wilkes


Where God Wants Me to Be

Dear Family,

Well we had another good week here in this great old land. Well to start off anyways this week I threw up all over the floor of a less active's house. We had eaten lunch and I wasn't feeling the best all day but I was doing fine then we went to visit this lady and after we finished the lesson she said she wanted to give us beans. They actually taste super good. But I knew that if I ate them I was going to throw up. Anyways I explained to her that I was super sick but she just said that the beans would help my stomach feel better. Anyways so after we started to eat I knew that it wasn't going to go down. So we went upstairs to use her bathroom and we COULD NOT find the light. It was so funny. Then I just could not hold in this stuff anymore and it just came out all over her floor. Anyways then it happened again and after that we found the light. I seriously felt so bad that it happened but she is a nurse at the hospital and was super nice about it. Anyways we went home and I showered and then in the next lesson the same thing happened. But this time I threw up in the bathroom so that was a real blessing. But those were some awesome experiences that I am sure me and my comp will never ever forget.

We didn't have any baptisms this week. But we have 2 coming up this weekend so that is always a good thing. This week we were having having a second visit with a lady that is super awesome and we had talked to her husband before and they had seemed really promising. Anyways we found out that he is an alcoholic. Halfway through the lesson with his wife he came in super drunk. Anyways we started talking and then he just broke down crying. He said he doesn't know where to turn for peace or anything and can't stop drinking. Sometimes I just feel so young in situations like this. Because really I am an 18 year old boy. But what I told him is that Jesus Christ loves him and that through him anything is possible.

There are not really many things I'm sure about in my life but one for sure is that Jesus Christ is our Savior, he appeared to Joseph Smith and this gospel is true. If you ever doubt that don't, because it's the worst thing that any of us could do. That's a knowledge that I am glad I have and am thankful for it. Because times like that I just know that I am where God wants me to be. Thank you for all the letters and love and support.

Elder Wilkes


Trust in the Spirit

Hello All,

Well it has been another week here in Guatemala and it was a good one. We are working super hard this month because we have a goal as a mission to baptize 400. This past week me and my new comp, Elder Shelton from Meridian, Idaho baptized 2. They were both miracles. On Saturday we worked with the traveling assistants of the mission and they challenged us to have the faith that we would baptize someone on this last Sunday. So we reviewed the list of church attendants and prayed to see who we should go and visit. Me and one of the assistants went way up into the mountain to visit a man who had shown a lot of interest and had been to church a few times. We followed the spirit and we were able to help him be baptized the next day. The same thing happened with a sister who had been coming to church and we got 2 baptisms. We helped 2 people take the first step in following Jesus Christ so that was really awesome. We also have been working hard with all the recent converts. We have about 50 percent of the converts attending right now. I don't know all of them and I have had to take charge with my new comp because I know the area. So that has been kind of hard because I still don't really know what I am doing. But it has been super good to force me to really learn to trust in the spirit and let it lead and direct me. 

One of the saddest things I think about a mission is how we always will find new people and they will feel the spirit super strong and then we go back and they just have no interest or anything. On Saturday night we found a less active by door-knocking and her father had recently died. We taught her and I was bearing my testimony of her dad waiting for her help (he never was baptized) she was just bawling and was so excited to get back to church and on the straight and narrow path. Then the next day she didn't show up for church. It just is sad how people feel the love of God and then just go back to old ways. But we just have to stay strong on the path of righteousness and strive to help others. Halloween looked fun from all the pictures. There were even people trick or treating here. Everyone have a great week.

Elder Wilkes


Every Reason to Be Happy

Well we had another great week here in the blessed land of Guatemala. It's turning into summer here and wow it has been hot. Like wow I'm sweating all of the time. But I'm working on the tan of my arms so that is good. Anyways me and my companion have changes. So that is sad. I will get a new trainer tomorrow. But that will be good because the Lord knows what he is doing so there is nothing worrying about here. But I seriously loved my companion, he is a great guy. Anyways we had two baptisms over the weekend. That was really awesome. I baptized a little boy who is 10 and has been a member his whole life. His parents are returned missionaries. They have some problems at the moment and he never was baptized so I got to help them out. It was really a good experience. They were super grateful, but pray for them that they can work their problems out so that some day they can be an eternal family. The kid is super funny and he was freaking out in the font because the water was really cold. He choose me to baptize him because I am white (haha) and because he said I am more fun than my companion. He is a great kid. We also baptized the cousin of all those boys that are members. He is 12 and super awesome and loves to come to church. They will be leaders down here one day.
We also have another baptism on November 9th of a man whose wife and family was baptized in July. We finally got him to commit and he will be a really solid member. We got him to commit when we talked about the Atonement with him. That is such a joyful message that despite all of the mistakes we make we can become clean again. Always. And we should repent every single day. Because we all make mistakes. I don't care who you are, you are not perfect. I'm not even close to being perfect and all we can do is our best.

Sometimes it's hard to teach people the gospel here because honestly they can't read or really understand. But what I do know is that God loves them as much as he loves any of us. And we will all be judged according to our abilities and God knows us. Really I can feel God's love for these people so much. On Saturday the kids that I have talked about wanted to buy us food. So they bought tamales for us. And I felt bad because they have no money. But as we sat there on the mattresses on the dirt floor and ate the food with our hands, I felt the love of God for them. I don't know everything or anything and honestly it's been awesome to get destroyed this last month and be humbled. But what I do know is that God loves his children and through Jesus Christ we can return to live with him again. And that gives us every reason to be happy. Love you all, have a great week.

Elder Wilkes


Help Build the Kingdom of God

We had such a crazy week here. Last Thursday we got a call that we needed to go down to the hospital and do some translating. There was a group of North Americans down here doing service and a dentist from Utah who was a member. None of them spoke Spanish so we had to translate for them. Anyways my companion and I thought that we would be translating for the dentist. But him and I were put in the surgical section of things. So let's just say that we have witnessed a live hip replacement and translated the Spanish for the nurses. Wow. We had to change into doctors clothes and everything. My comp has learned English through his mission and he was really taken back at how unfriendly all of the North Americans were to him. They were all hard core Christians from Georgia. We taught two of them the restoration. They were actually really good and I was the senior comp because I speak English a little better. It was a crazy experience. We also had a baptism this week. It was a 17 year-old girl and she was really happy to be baptized. Her mom believes but will not get married so she couldn't get baptized. We have been working really hard with the recent converts lately because the retention is not as good as it needs to be. It needs to be 100 percent. Sometimes I get kind of scared because we are so focused on baptizing. And I think that the real purpose is to bring others closer unto Christ. Part of that process is baptism, but there is a lot more for members and for missionaries. We can always do more to help build the Kingdom of God where ever we are. The culture here is really funny. My favorite part is how honest people are. My face has been destroyed since I got here because of the humidity and people are always asking what happened to my face. Its so funny. Also we had a really interesting experience on Sunday. We were with a less active mom and dad and their kids that come to church. The parents started fighting and we learned that they were going to separate and the husband has been having an affair. But the spirit helped us know what to say. My comp is really powerful and the bishop is helping them because we don't have that kind of authority. I am grateful that I never had to worry about that kind of stuff growing up. Love you all, have a great week.

Elder Wilkes


How the Lord Works

We have had another week here on the beautiful earth. Yes, we did feel the earthquake yesterday. It sounds like all of the family is doing well. Addi had a good baptism, Jamison is running fast, and Baker and Ward are playing one of my favorite sports, flag football. Great game.

Well, I have experienced my first week of disappointments in the mission. But it really is good. I have learned a lot and when the Lord humbles you that's when you can learn. Our baptism feel through this week and every single one of our appointments except for two. The only people who ever want to listen are thirteen year-old girls or old men who just want to fight with us. They are so funny. Yesterday we hiked way up in the mountains to find investigators and it was kinda hard because none of the people can speak real Spanish. It was more like an Indian or Lamanite Spanish. Also I got sick. Justin has told me some stories about sickness on his mission and let me say I think I can understand now. All part of this experience. I have learned a ton this week about how the Lord works and what he works through. We need to have faith in Him to see miracles. But really the most important part as missionaries is that we always do our part; and that is to invite others to come unto Christ. We still see miracles everyday and it really is a blessing to be here. I boar my testimony in Spanish in church and my companion said that is made sense so I think I am getting a little better, but there is still along way to go. This is kind of short but I really don't have much to say. Other than the Lord works in his own ways and in His own time. We keep finding all the unprepared people right now but that means we are just narrowing down the ones that are prepared. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes


First Baptism in Asiole

Well, I'm back everybody. It's been a good two weeks. My first area is Asiole, part of Amatitlan. My trainer is Elder Aragon. He is really just a good guy. I will be his last comp because he goes home in December. He is a really hard worker. One thing about our mission is we don't waste time so we seriously walk as fast as we can all the time. Literally all the time. My calves are huge. Seriously. The first day that we went out I had to run to keep up but I am improving my form. The key is just to swing your arms as fast as you can. That seriously helps. Anyways my area is a nice place. It's super poor and most the people just have dirt floors but they are so awesome. There are such solid kids here and we have a ton of recent converts so we visit them a lot because that's a new mission-wide thing that you keep in contact with converts for one year after baptism. We have such solid people.

Anyways, conference was a blessing because it was in English so that was fun to understand. Also on Sunday I baptized someone. First week in the field so that was cool. It was honestly the craziest situation ever and some how it worked out. One thing I have noticed is that this is seriously the craziest place on earth. But it was a good experience to be able to baptize E. She is having a lot of problems right now so keep her in your prayers. Her husband went to work in the capital last week and has not returned. He is a member. So we are hoping to figure that out. We really see miracles everyday. Yesterday after a good five hours of rejection we found a good family. They are prepared for the message they just need to get married because they are like mom and dad's age and have a ton of kids they have just never been married. But we will figure it out.

I really like my area and the lake that everyone thinks is the Waters of Mormon is like ten minutes away. Oh yeah, and Clark was in my area last week and bought my zone leader an ice cream. Our house is fine and there are a good amount of bugs in it but they don't really do anything harmful so it all works out. We do a ton of contacting and go on buses and go to the front and present ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ. That is really fun. My mission president is a little intimidating but he and his wife really do love us. I am teaching an English class to investigators tonight so that will be fun. My favorite people here are six boys who were recently baptized. Their dad can't speak or hear and they only have three mattresses on a dirt floor and their mom disappeared a few years ago, but they are so happy. They want to be missionaries and they would be powerful. One is like eight and he is so cute and funny. They are choice people of God.

My favorite part from conference was when we learned that we need to walk as Jesus walked. Not where he walked. Everyday should be a consistent effort to be more like Him. Our mission goal is to baptize cada semana (every week). So that's what we have to do. We have two set for this Sunday so pray we can pull them out. Thank you for all the love and support.

Elder Wilkes


First Day in The Field

"Please enjoy this photograph of Elder Wilkes, whom we had the joy of welcoming into our mission on October 1st, 2014.  We truly appreciate your efforts in preparing him according to the standards of the Lord now that the bar has been raised for missionaries entering the field of labor in Guatemala and everywhere in the world... We will strive to teach and protect Elder Wilkes, so that he can have a wonderful mission serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Guatemala."

Melvin G. Markham 
Mission President 

Elder Wilkes pictured with President and Sister Markham


Another Good Week in Guatemala

Dear Family,

Another good week here down in Guatemala. At this time next week I will be a real missionary in the field. I'm kinda scared but really excited to leave this really small building. Just kidding I actually love it here. My good friend, Mckay Webster got here and that was a blessing. It's been fun to have him here. My Spanish is getting better and I can understand almost everything that the natives say. Two elders from Honduras and Mexico live in my room. So that helps my Spanish a lot. Sometimes they like to wake up around 5 and my comp just yells the Spanish word for bed which is "cama" at them. It's so funny. But it's also hard when they wake up so early. But they are good guys and super excited to be here and be in the work. The one from Mexico is a convert so that is cool.

This past week was really spiritual. I went to priesthood in Spanish and I could feel the spirit so strongly even though it wasn't in my language. The Spanish Branch President here told us how the two most powerful things he had ever witnessed in his life were being in the temple with his family and being there with a family he helped bring into the gospel. That kind of stuff just makes me so happy. Those are two of my main goals in life. I want those two experiences. I attended the temple for the last time for a while today and that was awesome. Never take the Lord's house for granted. Other than that we studied a bunch. Oh, and my comp has been really homesick and had a bunch of interviews with the MTC President and so that means I just talk to his wife. She was like mom so that was good. But Jacob taught me a good lesson before I left about that and it really helped because one day he was not moving so quickly and that was bothering me but then I remembered what he told me. Later he thanked me for being patient so it worked out. I really love the guy and I'm going to miss him. But I've got to teach some real people. Last year my mission was the highest baptizing in Central America so we have some big shoes to fill. But we can do it. Not sure if I will email next week. But I will be in the field so no worries. You are all in my prayers. Love you.

Elder Wilkes


Doing My Job

Dear Family,

Well it was another glorious week here in Guatemala. It was an interesting one as well. Last week after I wrote we watched a really good devotional from Elder Holland. It was really powerful. Then that night a companionship got in a fight and one kid was sent home. I had never even met him because he was brand new. But it made me so sad. I can't imagine seeing you guys any earlier than in 2 years. I love you guys and miss you but that's the last thing I ever wanna do it come home early without doing my job. Then the next day a whole district almost got sent home for something they had been doing. The First Presidency got involved and luckily they said they could stay. They were humbled and incredibly grateful to stay. It was weird. One thing that I have noticed is it's really important to go on your mission when you are ready. Baker, Jamison, Ward, Chauncey, Gregory and Zaxton and Duncan and whoever else in are family or just any boy getting ready to go make sure that you are ready. To give up your old life and focus on what you have been called to do. For one I am not close to perfect of that. I lose my focus sometimes in class. But just be ready to give up your rap music or whatever it is. I say rap because all the elders like to sing it and it's probably not the best thing we can be doing. It takes away from the spirit a lot. Just be ready to go and work.

Other than that it was a good week. We studied again. And again. And again. Which was good because we are getting better. I had made a lot of good friends with the elders who all left the CCM today. That was sad to see them go but we can't stay here forever. Sorry my letters are so short to everyone. I do my best but we don't have a lot of time. It rains really hard here. Also yesterday was Guatemala's Independence Day and there were a bunch of fireworks and possibly gunshots, not really sure though. Today we went on a walk and I almost got hit by a car. It was a good experience though.

I heard Baker got his blessing and that is awesome. Man I love him. I heard it had some pretty cool sayings in it. Not surprised he is a choice boy and will no doubt be a leader for the Church in his coming years. I love all the people who work here and am so humbled by them and their testimonies. This week my district was really annoying me then I was really humbled. I have been studying and working on my charity a lot. We just have to remember that everyone has different struggles and insecurities that we can't understand. We are all God's children and he loves us. I really like my comp and our teaching is improving. I honestly like the people I am with it is just hard being with them 24/7. But it's all good. Two more weeks and I am in the field. That will be crazy but I am so excited. Love all you guys and it's good to here from you.

Love Elder Wilkes


Central Market and More

Dear Loved Ones,

This week was basically just another week here in the ccm. We did do some fun things though. Last Tuesday we went into the city. Everyone was so excited to exit the front gates. The only time we ever leave is when we walk to the temple which is about 100 yards away. Anyways the city was awesome. Mikala was right every human out there has a gun. We also went to Wendy's. everyone was seriously crying because it tasted so good. Then we went to the central market. It's in my mission. I was able to communicate in Spanish with a bunch of people but they speak so fast. I bought a few things and the people were so nice there. Seemed like good people. Also there was food there. we couldn't buy it though because it probably would have killed us because our stomachs are so new to this food. It was awesome though. then on the way home we drove past the most dangerous area in my mission. It was one of those huge shack areas with about a million people or so in it. Sisters don't go in there but I hope I can serve there. It was the first time I have ever seen real poverty. We are so rich. So rich.

That same night we had the Area President here for the first time in forever too. Devin Durrant my good friends uncle was also there. and Brother Burton from the Young Men's General Presidency was there too. It was inspiring and awesome. I got my haircut again. Not sure why because its so short. I just wanted to try it. Spanish is still good. just working on gospel stuff. It's long days. But they go by so quick. It pours rain at night so that makes it hard to sleep. And there are like non-stop sirens as well. The streets are insane here so I bet that there wrecks every 20 minutes. Good week though and I will write more next week. Love you all. You're in my prayers. Happy Birthday, Baker. Happy Birthday, Addi. I love you guys.

Elder Wilkes


Another week in Guatemala City

Well its been another week here in Guatemala City. A lot of studying which has been good. It rains here every night which is fun. Seriously it's weird the things that you get excited about as a missionary. This week there was a lot of slacking and complaining in my district. it was honestly so annoying. I have had to improve my patience everyday. Which you all know is not my strength. the thing about a mission is that it is a choice to be here. Yesterday in district meeting we talked about the only reason we are here is because Jesus Christ died for us and he loves all his children and wants them to receive the fullness of the gospel. Hopefully our excitement can go up a lot more this week. everyone kind of thinks that once we leave the ccm that it will be a lot more fun and exciting. But it will be harder. Because people speak English in here and no one will speak it in the field. our companions probably wont even speak English. There is a lot of hard work to be done. Tomorrow we are going into the city and to a market. That will be fun. I will tell about it next week.

This week I also got to give my first priesthood blessing. That was a cool experience. It's hard to even remember what we did this week because all the days are the same and a blur, but its honestly fun. Tomorrow we will get new Latinos so that will be fun. they are seriously so funny. but they are the shortest people on earth. I also got to teach a lesson to a less active 15 year old girl. We taught her about the commandments. it was cool and she even understood my Spanish. I have been doing alright with it. Sometimes in practice lesson my companion will try and say something and i have no idea what he is trying to say. but good thing its only been two weeks. The food got smaller this week but was still a blessing. that's about it. Tell Jamison to email me. Baker too. Love you all!

Elder Wilkes


Arrival to Guatemala

Dear Family and others,

I am doing good! It's been a long day but Guatemala is awesome and I feel peace being here. My companion is Elder Winter and he is a good guy. Carrie I made friends with an elder who was basically Carter Madsen. He was nice and we aren't in the same district but I liked him. at first I thought all the kids were weird then I remembered what I am going to be doing for 2 years and quickly put that to rest. It was hard leaving. But I have a serious work to do. and only certain blessings can come form this service and serving with my heart, might, mind, and strength. I only have like 2 minutes but I'm writing quick. Today a lady started breastfeeding while we were in the distribution center and I was subjected to nudity. I'm not in America anymore. But I'm still blessed. Anyway its time to get back to work. Love you guys. I have an hour next week so I will write more.

Elder Wilkes


Group Photo

Here is a group photo. I'm right in the middle my suit isn't really matching. But whatever. They also took away our cameras. So no pictures until I get into the field. I don't look every happy but I was not ready for the picture to be taken.

Elder Wilkes