Another Good Week in Guatemala

Dear Family,

Another good week here down in Guatemala. At this time next week I will be a real missionary in the field. I'm kinda scared but really excited to leave this really small building. Just kidding I actually love it here. My good friend, Mckay Webster got here and that was a blessing. It's been fun to have him here. My Spanish is getting better and I can understand almost everything that the natives say. Two elders from Honduras and Mexico live in my room. So that helps my Spanish a lot. Sometimes they like to wake up around 5 and my comp just yells the Spanish word for bed which is "cama" at them. It's so funny. But it's also hard when they wake up so early. But they are good guys and super excited to be here and be in the work. The one from Mexico is a convert so that is cool.

This past week was really spiritual. I went to priesthood in Spanish and I could feel the spirit so strongly even though it wasn't in my language. The Spanish Branch President here told us how the two most powerful things he had ever witnessed in his life were being in the temple with his family and being there with a family he helped bring into the gospel. That kind of stuff just makes me so happy. Those are two of my main goals in life. I want those two experiences. I attended the temple for the last time for a while today and that was awesome. Never take the Lord's house for granted. Other than that we studied a bunch. Oh, and my comp has been really homesick and had a bunch of interviews with the MTC President and so that means I just talk to his wife. She was like mom so that was good. But Jacob taught me a good lesson before I left about that and it really helped because one day he was not moving so quickly and that was bothering me but then I remembered what he told me. Later he thanked me for being patient so it worked out. I really love the guy and I'm going to miss him. But I've got to teach some real people. Last year my mission was the highest baptizing in Central America so we have some big shoes to fill. But we can do it. Not sure if I will email next week. But I will be in the field so no worries. You are all in my prayers. Love you.

Elder Wilkes

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