City of Parramos

Dear Family,

Well I cant believe that is has been another week...time is really flying so wow my time is short and I just don't really like that..This week was a good week we were just trying to get to know our new area and work with all of the members. The members in our new ward are so awesome and excited to work. Our ward mission leader is the funniest guy ever. He is super excited. This last weekend we had a baptism. We baptized Guierllmo Vielman! His wife has been a member for a few years and she just recently started going to church. This weekend if everything works out we are going to have 3 more! I love you all.... just working hard and trying to finish strong!

Elder Wilkes

Here are a few pictures, one of me and my good friend Zach Burhley from before the mission...he was my zone leader last change.


My Last Six Weeks

Dear Family,

Well.....my companion and I had changes this last week and now we are in a different area in the same zone. Pretty funny because I know have had 3 areas in this same zone. Yesterday we made the change and it has been funny just because we dont know anyone yet....but I have faith that we are going to see success in my last 6 weeks... I dont really have much to say becuase we just got to the area but things are great!! I am feeling really weird with so little time left....

One cool thing that we saw yesterday is we were looking for the house of a member and we got lost and a lady came up to us and started asking us about the church and we went and taught her. she told us that she has just been praying to find the best church. the spirit was very strong and she told us...I have never felt anyhting like this before. I just want everyone to remember that there is not a bigger blessing than being a member of this church!! The power of the spirit only is in the true church of Jesus Christ. I hope that we all can really recognize those playings everyday. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes


I Have Not Walked Alone

One day Elder Caceres and I went to the farthest part of area. It is down about the biggest hill on earth and down there, there is only one less active member. There are no other members. We were going to visit the family Sanchez that now had 3 attendances at church. They had been debating whether or not there were going to be baptized. Their oldest son Ernesto 20 years old had been baptized 2 weeks earlier. As we flew down the hill we found the mother--Judys-- talking to a lady on the corner of the street. We were kind of worried when we saw that....Judys who had already been baptized in the evangelical church had many doubts about getting baptized....many came from what family members and neighbors had told her....we approached the house and patiently waited for judys to come over so we could teach the family...we waited about 10 minutes and then she came over..she started to tell us about what the lady on the street corner had said to her...we asked her who she was and she told us that before today she had never talked to her before..we then asked her what they were talking about. Judys then said--oh she said that she is a member of the church, she said that there is not a bigger blessing on this earth than being a member of this church. she told me that I should get baptized....she also said that us as missionaries were sent from on high to bless the life of my family....we were very surprised when she told us that. We asked her who she was and where she lived...Judys had no idea...she said that the lady told her she lived a few streets up from there...After the lesson we went and knocked doors looking for the mysterious lady and we did not find anything... surly she was an angel. After the lesson Judys was very sure of the decision to be baptized. She was baptized the following Saturday. On my mission I have not walked alone, there are many angles that are preparing the way.

Anyways this was an experience that I had to write to my mission President today. I thought that I could share it with you guys...Last week I ate my first bugs in Guatemala....these type of ants come out like once a year....and the people love them....so a family made these for us...Pretty crazy..other than that we are just working hard to baptize!!! Love you All!!

Elder Wilkes


Never Give Up a Chance to Serve

Well it seems like the fam has been rocking it in New York... I am jealous..but I am not jealous about the drive you all have home....

Well things are going good here in San Pedro Las Huertas.... This last Sunday was pretty cool the attendance to sacrament meeting was 74. So that was a huge step...this week we are having a meeting...I think that they might close our branch but we are not sure yet.....so we will find out tomorrow...one of the families that we are working with didn't go to church on Sunday so that was a blow...but it is all right... we did have a miracle though when 10 minutes in walked an old investigator. His name is Marco Antonio Garcia... he has been an investigator for a while and has not taken the decision to be baptized. So hopefully this Sunday he will get baptized.

Yesterday we did see a cool miracle...we have a little 10 year old girl that is a convert in our area. Her mom is a less active member. But never goes to church... Everytime we go try to visit the little girl...she just sees us and slams the door....Yesterday with my companion we decided that we were going to contact 40 people each and everyday...at like 7 last night we were walking in the street and we saw a family carrying some huge bags...anyways we went and helped them...and walked them home...then like 2 minutes after walking with them we realized it was the little convert and her family! We even got in the door...(we also ate a huge guatemalan ant...it is a delicacy...they offered it to us and we wanted to gain their confidence) the dad who is not a member even let us a put an appointment so that we can go visit him.

That just really showed me that when we search to just do good things for God's children, he leads us to places where he needs us to be. The work of the Lord is not about us..its about what the Lord can do through out efforts...I love you all.. Have a great week!! Never give up a chance to serve!

Elder Wilkes