God Wants Us to Be Happy

Dear Family,

Well so far this week has been absolutley crazy...this week we had transfers as a mission so that means that it is the busiest week for us in the entire change...I have not slept much these past few days from all of the errands that we have done..but the spirit can always give someone energy. Luckily we got everything figured out and we only messed up with one transfer of the mission so that was a huge blessing. This last change was honestly incredible with my compion. We were able ot see a ton of success and we literally had not a single investigator when we started. This mission is doing very well right now. We are about half way to our goal after the first 2 weeks of the month!

One cool miracle we had was that this last week we really did not find anything positive in our area.....anyways to complete the normal mission standards we had to find 3 new investigators before Sunday night......so on Sunday right after church we knocked doors for like 6 hours straight...anyways also on that night we had to go to the president's house at night to work on some stuff so we had limited time.....right before we had to leave we had not even had a lesson yet when we knocked on a door and found a very very positive lady with her 2 children whose father was killed by a gang 10 months ago...i just know that in this life no matter what happens that God wants us to be happy and through our effort succed. i love you all.. and i know my letters are not very good but i am doing my best! i love you all.

Elder Wilkes


Thankful For Your Support

Well I really don't have anytime today!! So sorry for this short letter... I really love all of you and I am thankful for your support. This month in the mission we went up in baptism and so that is really good... We are still not at the point where we need to be, but we are getting better. Right now my companion and I are going around to zones to talk a lot about obedience...so that has been fun!
This last week in our area we had a baptism... her name is Jessica Lopez. She was the last member of her family to be baptized and her brother baptized her! It was really cool. Well I love you all have a great week.

Elder Wilkes