Just Know That I Love You

Well it looks like everyone is having a great time back East....I saw some pictures of mom in curlers getting on a canoe and wow I really loved that!!

Well things are really going great here. This last week we were able to see some good miracles. On Friday we went to visit a recent convert and we found his brother and his wife their in his house. So they were very positive and came to church on Sunday and after they talked to our branch president and the guy just told me how he wants to change his life and get married and stuff so that was really cool. My companion and I are going to keep working with them...

We are really working very hard to find more people and help our rama. We have a part member family of a guy who hasn't gone to church yet and I don't know how to get him to go....other than that. We are just looking. Just know that I love you all. I can't think of anything to say today...other than that I love you!

Elder Wilkes


Pictures from San Pedro

My Friend, Zach Burhley, From Lone Peak


The Best Letter Home

Well here is a short little note that I wrote yesterday...everyday my mind just goes blank but these are some things that came to my head last night...maybe mom you can type it and sent it out as the family letter. I think it will be better than normal. Tell me what you think!


A Living Prophet

Man the desire that I have to write these letters is really going down...that is probably not a good thing. But it looks like everything is going fine with the family....I am so proud of Jamison for qualifying for state. Someday I want to run like him. Well this last week has been very good...we have been working really hard. The branch here has about 40 people attending right now.. so we are working very hard with the less-actives.

Right now our ward mission leader just got his mission call.. he is a convert of about a year! His parents still have not been baptized and we are working with them...to help them get married and baptized. It was very cool for because the only time we visited his parents this last week. The dad told us that he knew Thomas S. Monson was a prophet because his son was called to Mexico. So I thought that was pretty cool.

When he said that it really made me realize how grateful I am that we have a living prophet who calls missionaries where they need to go.. I have seen that in so many missionaries. Well that is about it for this week. I love you all. I am thankful for all you do.

Elder Wilkes

Here are some pictures of my new companion:


San Pedro

Well I am glad that everyone remembered to write me.....Just a joke! But things are going very well here. I am in my new are with my new companion. My new area is called San Pedro. My new companion is from Arizona and named Elder Whiting. I feel really weird being outside the office. No one has called me with questions and I don't have to worry about anything other than my companion and our area and baptizing! So it's actually pretty nice...

I know that dad said that I need to write better letters now...but this is really so hard for me. I seriously cant think of anything right now. I am just happy that I still have a few weeks to work here in Guatemala and become a better person. I'm still just trying to learn the area because I have only been here for 24 hours. But it should be really fun.

And just so everyone knows, I am writing again normally on Tuesdays. I love you all. If you want me to write better letters. I need you to ask me some questions!

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes


P-Day Soccer Tournament and Pictures

 For P-day we played in like a little soccer tournament in the stake...these are the jerseys we bought...we lost in the semifinals and some of the members like almost got in a fight with us...


Three Months Left

Well I can hardly believe that I only have 3 months left from today....I am not going to lie it is kind of hard to be in the office at this point because they have already purchased my ticket and stuff...but things are still great!!

This week we have our zone conferences..today we had our first one and it went really well. After something crazy happened...you just all need to ask me about it when I get home!! I was pretty nervous to speak but it turned out pretty well. I don't why I got nervous because I have done things like this a ton now...but whatever who knows...

In our area things have been going great!!! We are going to have three baptisms this weekend! It's actually kind of funny because this week we found out that the ward mission leaders daughter doesn't have a membership she never had one when she got baptized...so we have to baptize her again!!

But other than that things are great!! I am so excited to see you all this Sunday!!
love you all!

Elder Wilkes