Another Good Week in Guatemala

Dear Family,

Another good week here down in Guatemala. At this time next week I will be a real missionary in the field. I'm kinda scared but really excited to leave this really small building. Just kidding I actually love it here. My good friend, Mckay Webster got here and that was a blessing. It's been fun to have him here. My Spanish is getting better and I can understand almost everything that the natives say. Two elders from Honduras and Mexico live in my room. So that helps my Spanish a lot. Sometimes they like to wake up around 5 and my comp just yells the Spanish word for bed which is "cama" at them. It's so funny. But it's also hard when they wake up so early. But they are good guys and super excited to be here and be in the work. The one from Mexico is a convert so that is cool.

This past week was really spiritual. I went to priesthood in Spanish and I could feel the spirit so strongly even though it wasn't in my language. The Spanish Branch President here told us how the two most powerful things he had ever witnessed in his life were being in the temple with his family and being there with a family he helped bring into the gospel. That kind of stuff just makes me so happy. Those are two of my main goals in life. I want those two experiences. I attended the temple for the last time for a while today and that was awesome. Never take the Lord's house for granted. Other than that we studied a bunch. Oh, and my comp has been really homesick and had a bunch of interviews with the MTC President and so that means I just talk to his wife. She was like mom so that was good. But Jacob taught me a good lesson before I left about that and it really helped because one day he was not moving so quickly and that was bothering me but then I remembered what he told me. Later he thanked me for being patient so it worked out. I really love the guy and I'm going to miss him. But I've got to teach some real people. Last year my mission was the highest baptizing in Central America so we have some big shoes to fill. But we can do it. Not sure if I will email next week. But I will be in the field so no worries. You are all in my prayers. Love you.

Elder Wilkes


Doing My Job

Dear Family,

Well it was another glorious week here in Guatemala. It was an interesting one as well. Last week after I wrote we watched a really good devotional from Elder Holland. It was really powerful. Then that night a companionship got in a fight and one kid was sent home. I had never even met him because he was brand new. But it made me so sad. I can't imagine seeing you guys any earlier than in 2 years. I love you guys and miss you but that's the last thing I ever wanna do it come home early without doing my job. Then the next day a whole district almost got sent home for something they had been doing. The First Presidency got involved and luckily they said they could stay. They were humbled and incredibly grateful to stay. It was weird. One thing that I have noticed is it's really important to go on your mission when you are ready. Baker, Jamison, Ward, Chauncey, Gregory and Zaxton and Duncan and whoever else in are family or just any boy getting ready to go make sure that you are ready. To give up your old life and focus on what you have been called to do. For one I am not close to perfect of that. I lose my focus sometimes in class. But just be ready to give up your rap music or whatever it is. I say rap because all the elders like to sing it and it's probably not the best thing we can be doing. It takes away from the spirit a lot. Just be ready to go and work.

Other than that it was a good week. We studied again. And again. And again. Which was good because we are getting better. I had made a lot of good friends with the elders who all left the CCM today. That was sad to see them go but we can't stay here forever. Sorry my letters are so short to everyone. I do my best but we don't have a lot of time. It rains really hard here. Also yesterday was Guatemala's Independence Day and there were a bunch of fireworks and possibly gunshots, not really sure though. Today we went on a walk and I almost got hit by a car. It was a good experience though.

I heard Baker got his blessing and that is awesome. Man I love him. I heard it had some pretty cool sayings in it. Not surprised he is a choice boy and will no doubt be a leader for the Church in his coming years. I love all the people who work here and am so humbled by them and their testimonies. This week my district was really annoying me then I was really humbled. I have been studying and working on my charity a lot. We just have to remember that everyone has different struggles and insecurities that we can't understand. We are all God's children and he loves us. I really like my comp and our teaching is improving. I honestly like the people I am with it is just hard being with them 24/7. But it's all good. Two more weeks and I am in the field. That will be crazy but I am so excited. Love all you guys and it's good to here from you.

Love Elder Wilkes


Central Market and More

Dear Loved Ones,

This week was basically just another week here in the ccm. We did do some fun things though. Last Tuesday we went into the city. Everyone was so excited to exit the front gates. The only time we ever leave is when we walk to the temple which is about 100 yards away. Anyways the city was awesome. Mikala was right every human out there has a gun. We also went to Wendy's. everyone was seriously crying because it tasted so good. Then we went to the central market. It's in my mission. I was able to communicate in Spanish with a bunch of people but they speak so fast. I bought a few things and the people were so nice there. Seemed like good people. Also there was food there. we couldn't buy it though because it probably would have killed us because our stomachs are so new to this food. It was awesome though. then on the way home we drove past the most dangerous area in my mission. It was one of those huge shack areas with about a million people or so in it. Sisters don't go in there but I hope I can serve there. It was the first time I have ever seen real poverty. We are so rich. So rich.

That same night we had the Area President here for the first time in forever too. Devin Durrant my good friends uncle was also there. and Brother Burton from the Young Men's General Presidency was there too. It was inspiring and awesome. I got my haircut again. Not sure why because its so short. I just wanted to try it. Spanish is still good. just working on gospel stuff. It's long days. But they go by so quick. It pours rain at night so that makes it hard to sleep. And there are like non-stop sirens as well. The streets are insane here so I bet that there wrecks every 20 minutes. Good week though and I will write more next week. Love you all. You're in my prayers. Happy Birthday, Baker. Happy Birthday, Addi. I love you guys.

Elder Wilkes


Another week in Guatemala City

Well its been another week here in Guatemala City. A lot of studying which has been good. It rains here every night which is fun. Seriously it's weird the things that you get excited about as a missionary. This week there was a lot of slacking and complaining in my district. it was honestly so annoying. I have had to improve my patience everyday. Which you all know is not my strength. the thing about a mission is that it is a choice to be here. Yesterday in district meeting we talked about the only reason we are here is because Jesus Christ died for us and he loves all his children and wants them to receive the fullness of the gospel. Hopefully our excitement can go up a lot more this week. everyone kind of thinks that once we leave the ccm that it will be a lot more fun and exciting. But it will be harder. Because people speak English in here and no one will speak it in the field. our companions probably wont even speak English. There is a lot of hard work to be done. Tomorrow we are going into the city and to a market. That will be fun. I will tell about it next week.

This week I also got to give my first priesthood blessing. That was a cool experience. It's hard to even remember what we did this week because all the days are the same and a blur, but its honestly fun. Tomorrow we will get new Latinos so that will be fun. they are seriously so funny. but they are the shortest people on earth. I also got to teach a lesson to a less active 15 year old girl. We taught her about the commandments. it was cool and she even understood my Spanish. I have been doing alright with it. Sometimes in practice lesson my companion will try and say something and i have no idea what he is trying to say. but good thing its only been two weeks. The food got smaller this week but was still a blessing. that's about it. Tell Jamison to email me. Baker too. Love you all!

Elder Wilkes