Central Market and More

Dear Loved Ones,

This week was basically just another week here in the ccm. We did do some fun things though. Last Tuesday we went into the city. Everyone was so excited to exit the front gates. The only time we ever leave is when we walk to the temple which is about 100 yards away. Anyways the city was awesome. Mikala was right every human out there has a gun. We also went to Wendy's. everyone was seriously crying because it tasted so good. Then we went to the central market. It's in my mission. I was able to communicate in Spanish with a bunch of people but they speak so fast. I bought a few things and the people were so nice there. Seemed like good people. Also there was food there. we couldn't buy it though because it probably would have killed us because our stomachs are so new to this food. It was awesome though. then on the way home we drove past the most dangerous area in my mission. It was one of those huge shack areas with about a million people or so in it. Sisters don't go in there but I hope I can serve there. It was the first time I have ever seen real poverty. We are so rich. So rich.

That same night we had the Area President here for the first time in forever too. Devin Durrant my good friends uncle was also there. and Brother Burton from the Young Men's General Presidency was there too. It was inspiring and awesome. I got my haircut again. Not sure why because its so short. I just wanted to try it. Spanish is still good. just working on gospel stuff. It's long days. But they go by so quick. It pours rain at night so that makes it hard to sleep. And there are like non-stop sirens as well. The streets are insane here so I bet that there wrecks every 20 minutes. Good week though and I will write more next week. Love you all. You're in my prayers. Happy Birthday, Baker. Happy Birthday, Addi. I love you guys.

Elder Wilkes

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