Doing My Job

Dear Family,

Well it was another glorious week here in Guatemala. It was an interesting one as well. Last week after I wrote we watched a really good devotional from Elder Holland. It was really powerful. Then that night a companionship got in a fight and one kid was sent home. I had never even met him because he was brand new. But it made me so sad. I can't imagine seeing you guys any earlier than in 2 years. I love you guys and miss you but that's the last thing I ever wanna do it come home early without doing my job. Then the next day a whole district almost got sent home for something they had been doing. The First Presidency got involved and luckily they said they could stay. They were humbled and incredibly grateful to stay. It was weird. One thing that I have noticed is it's really important to go on your mission when you are ready. Baker, Jamison, Ward, Chauncey, Gregory and Zaxton and Duncan and whoever else in are family or just any boy getting ready to go make sure that you are ready. To give up your old life and focus on what you have been called to do. For one I am not close to perfect of that. I lose my focus sometimes in class. But just be ready to give up your rap music or whatever it is. I say rap because all the elders like to sing it and it's probably not the best thing we can be doing. It takes away from the spirit a lot. Just be ready to go and work.

Other than that it was a good week. We studied again. And again. And again. Which was good because we are getting better. I had made a lot of good friends with the elders who all left the CCM today. That was sad to see them go but we can't stay here forever. Sorry my letters are so short to everyone. I do my best but we don't have a lot of time. It rains really hard here. Also yesterday was Guatemala's Independence Day and there were a bunch of fireworks and possibly gunshots, not really sure though. Today we went on a walk and I almost got hit by a car. It was a good experience though.

I heard Baker got his blessing and that is awesome. Man I love him. I heard it had some pretty cool sayings in it. Not surprised he is a choice boy and will no doubt be a leader for the Church in his coming years. I love all the people who work here and am so humbled by them and their testimonies. This week my district was really annoying me then I was really humbled. I have been studying and working on my charity a lot. We just have to remember that everyone has different struggles and insecurities that we can't understand. We are all God's children and he loves us. I really like my comp and our teaching is improving. I honestly like the people I am with it is just hard being with them 24/7. But it's all good. Two more weeks and I am in the field. That will be crazy but I am so excited. Love all you guys and it's good to here from you.

Love Elder Wilkes

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