From the Mountains to the Coast to the Captial

Well it was great to see some of you last night! Jamison looked really good and I am so happy for him!! Even though his Spanish will be really weird, we will all still love him!

Well things have been going really good down here. My companion and I have been traveling around doing a ton of divisions in the mission. It is really weird to go from the mountains to the coast and then to the capital...so it makes things interesting...

Honestly I can't not think of anything to say right now. We are working with a family right now and we are working with them for this Saturday. Uhhhhh yeah also this week is the Holy Week in Central America so pretty much the whole country shuts down...so everyone goes to the beaches and do things that they shouldn't do...so we will see how it goes...well I love you. I am so proud of you Jamison...Have a great week!

Elder Wilkes


According to God's Plan

Well it has been another week!! Things are going great as usual...sometimes at this point I just really have no idea what to say!.. but I am very excited for Jamison. I know that you will go where you need to go! Where you go there will be a lot of people that need your help and that have been waiting for you for a long time! in my mission i feel like everything has been perfect according to God's plan..I have not been perfect but the mission he has prepared for me has been!

Anyways things are good...now like 2 times a week President Markham is sending us to do divisones in different parts of the mission.. to help people to learn to baptize.. so that is fun!! I do like driving long distances..that is very fun, because there are no rules here on the road...

Our area is doing good. this last Sunday we had 2 baptisms...both were references from members. when someone knows a good member of the church it is not to hard to teach them the gospel! The joven that we baptized is named Ernesto Sanchez...he someday wants to be a missionary. we are teaching his whole family and they have been to church 3 times..but he just got an answer really quick so he took the first step out of the family! The Father is pretty hard but we will see what the spirit can do with him this week.. Today we are doing divisones in Solola which is right next to the big beautiful lake here that dad has been to! They speak a dialect here so that will intesting to see if I can communicate with anyone today! Well I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Wilkes

Here is school bus we saw this morning! I would love to see Jacky and Addi ride to school like that!


Visit From the Area President

Well this last week was a really really good one! The conference with the area president went very well....it was a lot of work but he was very nice to the mission. He gave us great compliments and we really learned a lot. It was kind of a long week because my companion and I did not really get to work in my area at all....but serving the other missionaries is great as well. On the first day when we had the conference with about 120 missionaries...it was a little interesting...we had a few technical difficulties...anyways the microphones that we brought did not work at all...so then the whole time we had to spend working on the microphones and then randomly in that part of the capital...all of the electricity just went out...sometimes that just happens here. Anyways I was translating the talk of the area president's wife and then all of the sudden the lights all came back on and a radio signal came in and really worldly music started playing in the chapel...it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Other that that we are just working hard....we have a new family of 4 that we are working with who came to church on Sunday....they are from El Salvador and are not married so that is going to be a process to get them married....but other that things are all good. Love you all. Have a great week!!

Elder Wilkes

Also today i am working in my old area in Antigua with a friend who went to Lone Peak named Zach Burley!