From the Mountains to the Coast to the Captial

Well it was great to see some of you last night! Jamison looked really good and I am so happy for him!! Even though his Spanish will be really weird, we will all still love him!

Well things have been going really good down here. My companion and I have been traveling around doing a ton of divisions in the mission. It is really weird to go from the mountains to the coast and then to the capital...so it makes things interesting...

Honestly I can't not think of anything to say right now. We are working with a family right now and we are working with them for this Saturday. Uhhhhh yeah also this week is the Holy Week in Central America so pretty much the whole country shuts down...so everyone goes to the beaches and do things that they shouldn't do...so we will see how it goes...well I love you. I am so proud of you Jamison...Have a great week!

Elder Wilkes

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