Christmas 2015

Well it sure looks like everyone had a very good Christmas. I saw the pajamas of everyone and they looked very stylish. It was so good to kind of see everyone's faces on Friday. The internet was very bad on my end, but everyone looked good. I still can't believe that Mikala is going to have a baby. So that is going to be pretty crazy to come back to someday.

Anyways from us down here Christmas was pretty normal. I felt bad because on Christmas Eve we have permission to stay out late with a church leader... but I was super sick so we didn't do anything. I felt really bad for my companion. But it all turned out good. On Christmas day we did all of the calls and then we cleaned out house and then we went out and worked afterwards. Man Christmas is kind of sad here in Guatemala because there is just so much wickedness. It really is nice to have knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He really is the only one that brings peace into our lives. 

Anyways this Sunday we are going to have a baptism. It is actually a very good friend of our bishop. So that is always exciting and refreshing to see someone make a change in their lives. Well just so everyone knows I am going to write next week on Wednesday because we have changes this next week I love you all.

Elder Wilkes


Christmas Season Focused on Jesus Christ

Well holy cow I saw some pictures of snow today and wow that looks so cool. Next year I am going to freeze in the Christmas season. Anyways as usual it is very hot here. Anyways just so everyone knows I am going to be calling home at like 12:45 or 1 in the afternoon. Someone just email the Skype account that you are going to use before that time so that I have it....

Anyways we had a really good week last week we really have seen a ton of miracles lately. On Sunday we had a baptism of a 19 year-old kid. He used to be a member of a gang so we didn't know if he was going to end up getting baptized..but in the end he was able to do it. I don't think i will ever forget the look on his eyes as he came out of the water. I think that seeing people be forgiven of their sins is really the sweetest thing that we can ever see. Lately I have realized that watching people discover the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the coolest thing on earth. I don't think that there is anything quite like it. I really am so grateful that that is what I get to do each and everyday.

Anyways life is crazy as usual. We do a ton of divisions and stuff so I don't work in my own area a ton. But things always work out. I really am so grateful for this Christmas season that I have to be able to focus on nothing other than Jesus Christ. I know he lives and that he is the center of everything we do I am so thankful he was came down from heaven to suffer for my sins. I hope we can all remember that this Christmas season. I love you all. See you on Friday.

Elder Wilkes


Seeing Miracles

Dear Family,

Well it has been another good week here in Guatemala. Things are going really good here as usual. Seriously my mind goes blank when I start to write these emails. Anyways this last week we were able to have 2 baptisms. They were both very cool and very spiritual. On Sunday we baptized a man whose name is Vicotriano Aquino. He seriously can not even understand us at all. He is deaf. I remember that the first time that we found him we just gave him a Book of Mormon. He read a ton of it the first day and then he pretty much just told us that he needed to be baptized into the church. Then in the Baptisimal service he shared his testimony and wow he just started crying and it was so cool.

We really are seeing a ton of miracles right now. Last week we found a part-member family. They are a family that was baptized like 30 years ago. The lady said that they moved and then they never could find the church here. Anyways they came to church on Sunday and they loved it. So that has been really fun. Well I love you all. I will see you all next week.

Elder Wilkes


Once Again I am Here Sweating as Usual

Dear Family,

Well it is good to hear from everyone again once again I am here sweating as usual. Sometimes I think that we do not really appreciate air conditioning as much as we should. Anyways this last week we had a really good week. Also I just wanted to give a shout out to Jamison for running in a national race. Mikala, today brought to memory when him and I tried to first make an attempt running to Lone Peak and back and really how hard it was for us. But by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Jamison you are my hero, just wanted you to know.

Anyways today we are going to have a baptism... so that is going to be so exciting this lady has been waiting to get baptized for over 50 years. So it will be a great day for her to receive the remission of her sins. Also this Sunday we are going to baptize a man named Vicotriano Aquino. He is sooooo cool. He used to be a pastor and has been baptized 3 times. He seriously cant even hear but he has read the Book of Mormon and has received a spiritual witness. God really has given us such powerful instruments and if we are smart enough to use them we can do some real damage. Anyways all I know is that God lives and he loves us. Don't have much time today because we have a trillion things to do.

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes


A Thanksgiving to Remember

Well it sounds like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I am not going to lie any picture of food that I got made me pretty jealous. On Turkey Day we are fried cauliflower for lunch with rice and beans and at night we ate a pizza that we bought from some place. It was a Thanksgiving to remember. Oh and also that day we had a baptism. So that was made it a day to remember. She was a girl that had pretty much gone to church her whole life she had just never gotten permission to get baptized.

Last week we did have a really cool miracle. We made goal that we were going to help the ward a ton with reactivation. Anyways on Friday night we went to visit a family of less actives. In the house I started asking the mom when she got baptized and we were just getting to know them. Anyways we found out that the mom had never gotten baptized. We figured out that because she was selling alcohol in her store that she had never gotten baptized. We started talking to her and she said that she had been praying to stop and to have someone come visit her to help her get baptized and then the very next day we showed up! She is preparing to be baptized this next Tuesday.

Yesterday for p-day we went to the beach. It was cool and there wasn't even that much garbage. Also yesterday I went to get my hair cut and the lady made a mistake and took off all of the hair on the sides of my head. I would send a picture...but I would rather not. Anyways I love you all. I know the Church is true.

Elder Wilkes