Seeing Miracles

Dear Family,

Well it has been another good week here in Guatemala. Things are going really good here as usual. Seriously my mind goes blank when I start to write these emails. Anyways this last week we were able to have 2 baptisms. They were both very cool and very spiritual. On Sunday we baptized a man whose name is Vicotriano Aquino. He seriously can not even understand us at all. He is deaf. I remember that the first time that we found him we just gave him a Book of Mormon. He read a ton of it the first day and then he pretty much just told us that he needed to be baptized into the church. Then in the Baptisimal service he shared his testimony and wow he just started crying and it was so cool.

We really are seeing a ton of miracles right now. Last week we found a part-member family. They are a family that was baptized like 30 years ago. The lady said that they moved and then they never could find the church here. Anyways they came to church on Sunday and they loved it. So that has been really fun. Well I love you all. I will see you all next week.

Elder Wilkes

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