Once Again I am Here Sweating as Usual

Dear Family,

Well it is good to hear from everyone again once again I am here sweating as usual. Sometimes I think that we do not really appreciate air conditioning as much as we should. Anyways this last week we had a really good week. Also I just wanted to give a shout out to Jamison for running in a national race. Mikala, today brought to memory when him and I tried to first make an attempt running to Lone Peak and back and really how hard it was for us. But by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Jamison you are my hero, just wanted you to know.

Anyways today we are going to have a baptism... so that is going to be so exciting this lady has been waiting to get baptized for over 50 years. So it will be a great day for her to receive the remission of her sins. Also this Sunday we are going to baptize a man named Vicotriano Aquino. He is sooooo cool. He used to be a pastor and has been baptized 3 times. He seriously cant even hear but he has read the Book of Mormon and has received a spiritual witness. God really has given us such powerful instruments and if we are smart enough to use them we can do some real damage. Anyways all I know is that God lives and he loves us. Don't have much time today because we have a trillion things to do.

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes

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