A Thanksgiving to Remember

Well it sounds like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I am not going to lie any picture of food that I got made me pretty jealous. On Turkey Day we are fried cauliflower for lunch with rice and beans and at night we ate a pizza that we bought from some place. It was a Thanksgiving to remember. Oh and also that day we had a baptism. So that was made it a day to remember. She was a girl that had pretty much gone to church her whole life she had just never gotten permission to get baptized.

Last week we did have a really cool miracle. We made goal that we were going to help the ward a ton with reactivation. Anyways on Friday night we went to visit a family of less actives. In the house I started asking the mom when she got baptized and we were just getting to know them. Anyways we found out that the mom had never gotten baptized. We figured out that because she was selling alcohol in her store that she had never gotten baptized. We started talking to her and she said that she had been praying to stop and to have someone come visit her to help her get baptized and then the very next day we showed up! She is preparing to be baptized this next Tuesday.

Yesterday for p-day we went to the beach. It was cool and there wasn't even that much garbage. Also yesterday I went to get my hair cut and the lady made a mistake and took off all of the hair on the sides of my head. I would send a picture...but I would rather not. Anyways I love you all. I know the Church is true.

Elder Wilkes

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  1. Can you send me Packers address we want to sent him a Christmas card. This us Connor Copelands mom. 801 234 0152