Golondrinas, Escunitla

Well I am going to be honest at this point my mind goes blank when I email so I really don't have much to say. Here I am in the area of Golondrinas in the zone of Escunitla. I am still a zone leader and things are going well. I moved from the mountains of the country to the coast and holy cow let me just say that it IS SO HOT HERE. I really have never felt heat like this. But it is a very blessed place.

My new companion is Elder Smith from California. He is a great kid and has a little bit less time than I do in the mission. On Sunday I gave a talk. It was pretty funny because they didn't really tell me beforehand...I was the last speaker and when I got up there we still had 25 minutes left. I made it for about 13 minutes and then I was out of words. Haha.

Leaving my old area was hard. It was actually just incredible to see the fruits of our work after 6 months of being there. We have a few families that are half-way to their goal of the temple so hopefully about the time when I am finishing they should be going to get sealed. That is really my dream. Well I love you all. I hope that everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. I am will make sure to eat something good as well.

Elder Wilkes

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