Christmas 2015

Well it sure looks like everyone had a very good Christmas. I saw the pajamas of everyone and they looked very stylish. It was so good to kind of see everyone's faces on Friday. The internet was very bad on my end, but everyone looked good. I still can't believe that Mikala is going to have a baby. So that is going to be pretty crazy to come back to someday.

Anyways from us down here Christmas was pretty normal. I felt bad because on Christmas Eve we have permission to stay out late with a church leader... but I was super sick so we didn't do anything. I felt really bad for my companion. But it all turned out good. On Christmas day we did all of the calls and then we cleaned out house and then we went out and worked afterwards. Man Christmas is kind of sad here in Guatemala because there is just so much wickedness. It really is nice to have knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He really is the only one that brings peace into our lives. 

Anyways this Sunday we are going to have a baptism. It is actually a very good friend of our bishop. So that is always exciting and refreshing to see someone make a change in their lives. Well just so everyone knows I am going to write next week on Wednesday because we have changes this next week I love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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