Fun in Boca Del Monte

Well it sounds like everyone has sure had a great week. Things have been very good here. It has been very interesting to be able to learn new things and to have new responsibilities. I do not actually go to the office that much so that is a huge blessing. The Church just recently sent out new instructions on leadership in the mission which just says that we should just be working all of the time. So we do a ton of divisions and work with a ton of missionaries and that is about it. Our area is not looking to hot because no one has really worked in it in a while. But we have already seen some good miracles. On my second day here we were just knocking on some doors when I got a random phone call. Well it turns out it was an old investigator who the missionaries had visited before. Anyways we went and visited him and he went to church on Sunday... so he should be looking for baptism in this month. But it really strengthened my testimony that the Lord wants us to be successful and that he wants us to also have fun.

I have not crashed the car yet. It has actually been pretty fun to drive again. It is a little different because there are no rules or anything, but it has all worked out. Well I love you all. I am not promising that these letters will be good for the next 3 months when I am in here. We really have a ton to worry about. Also sorry I can't send photos. My memory card has a virus right now. I love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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