A Miracle on Sunday

Dear Family,

Well sometimes it is crazy how fast time pases here. I am getting close to only having six months left here in Guatemala and that is so crazy. Things have been going good here and I am slowing figuring out a little more what I am suppose to do. This last week we had a bunch of emergency changes and my companion left. He is from Panama and his name is Elder Casares. He is such a good guy. We both had the same trainer so that is pretty funny.

Anyways we have pretty much been knocking on doors all day long day after day.. just because I never really got to know the area before my other companion left. But we have seen a ton of miracles. This Sunday we are going to have a baptism! His name is Fausto Vazquez he is 22 years old. He is the investigator who called us on the phone my second day here and asked us to come over....he is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and understands very well.

This last week we did see a huge miracle though... when my new comp got here we decided that we were going to baptize on Sunday. We had no one. But we decided that we could do it. Anyways after looking and looking in every part of our area we found a 16 year-old who was the next door neighbor of the second counseler of the ward. He had been going to church for four months straight and had been living all the commandments...his parents just had not given him permission. Anyways we fasted and on Saturday we went to visit him and found his dad. We built a good relationship with the dad and then asked to talk to his wife about his signing the baptismal record. Anyways he signed it on Sunday and Moises Cruz got baptized on Sunday afternoon! Little did we know all of the young men in the ward were fasting for him so he could receive permission to get baptized. I know that the Lord knows what He does. He knows what it is that he wants us to do. Well I love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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