Another week in Guatemala City

Well its been another week here in Guatemala City. A lot of studying which has been good. It rains here every night which is fun. Seriously it's weird the things that you get excited about as a missionary. This week there was a lot of slacking and complaining in my district. it was honestly so annoying. I have had to improve my patience everyday. Which you all know is not my strength. the thing about a mission is that it is a choice to be here. Yesterday in district meeting we talked about the only reason we are here is because Jesus Christ died for us and he loves all his children and wants them to receive the fullness of the gospel. Hopefully our excitement can go up a lot more this week. everyone kind of thinks that once we leave the ccm that it will be a lot more fun and exciting. But it will be harder. Because people speak English in here and no one will speak it in the field. our companions probably wont even speak English. There is a lot of hard work to be done. Tomorrow we are going into the city and to a market. That will be fun. I will tell about it next week.

This week I also got to give my first priesthood blessing. That was a cool experience. It's hard to even remember what we did this week because all the days are the same and a blur, but its honestly fun. Tomorrow we will get new Latinos so that will be fun. they are seriously so funny. but they are the shortest people on earth. I also got to teach a lesson to a less active 15 year old girl. We taught her about the commandments. it was cool and she even understood my Spanish. I have been doing alright with it. Sometimes in practice lesson my companion will try and say something and i have no idea what he is trying to say. but good thing its only been two weeks. The food got smaller this week but was still a blessing. that's about it. Tell Jamison to email me. Baker too. Love you all!

Elder Wilkes

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