Arrival to Guatemala

Dear Family and others,

I am doing good! It's been a long day but Guatemala is awesome and I feel peace being here. My companion is Elder Winter and he is a good guy. Carrie I made friends with an elder who was basically Carter Madsen. He was nice and we aren't in the same district but I liked him. at first I thought all the kids were weird then I remembered what I am going to be doing for 2 years and quickly put that to rest. It was hard leaving. But I have a serious work to do. and only certain blessings can come form this service and serving with my heart, might, mind, and strength. I only have like 2 minutes but I'm writing quick. Today a lady started breastfeeding while we were in the distribution center and I was subjected to nudity. I'm not in America anymore. But I'm still blessed. Anyway its time to get back to work. Love you guys. I have an hour next week so I will write more.

Elder Wilkes

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