Three Months Left

Well I can hardly believe that I only have 3 months left from today....I am not going to lie it is kind of hard to be in the office at this point because they have already purchased my ticket and stuff...but things are still great!!

This week we have our zone conferences..today we had our first one and it went really well. After something crazy happened...you just all need to ask me about it when I get home!! I was pretty nervous to speak but it turned out pretty well. I don't why I got nervous because I have done things like this a ton now...but whatever who knows...

In our area things have been going great!!! We are going to have three baptisms this weekend! It's actually kind of funny because this week we found out that the ward mission leaders daughter doesn't have a membership she never had one when she got baptized...so we have to baptize her again!!

But other than that things are great!! I am so excited to see you all this Sunday!!
love you all!

Elder Wilkes

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