Never Give Up a Chance to Serve

Well it seems like the fam has been rocking it in New York... I am jealous..but I am not jealous about the drive you all have home....

Well things are going good here in San Pedro Las Huertas.... This last Sunday was pretty cool the attendance to sacrament meeting was 74. So that was a huge step...this week we are having a meeting...I think that they might close our branch but we are not sure yet.....so we will find out tomorrow...one of the families that we are working with didn't go to church on Sunday so that was a blow...but it is all right... we did have a miracle though when 10 minutes in walked an old investigator. His name is Marco Antonio Garcia... he has been an investigator for a while and has not taken the decision to be baptized. So hopefully this Sunday he will get baptized.

Yesterday we did see a cool miracle...we have a little 10 year old girl that is a convert in our area. Her mom is a less active member. But never goes to church... Everytime we go try to visit the little girl...she just sees us and slams the door....Yesterday with my companion we decided that we were going to contact 40 people each and everyday...at like 7 last night we were walking in the street and we saw a family carrying some huge bags...anyways we went and helped them...and walked them home...then like 2 minutes after walking with them we realized it was the little convert and her family! We even got in the door...(we also ate a huge guatemalan ant...it is a delicacy...they offered it to us and we wanted to gain their confidence) the dad who is not a member even let us a put an appointment so that we can go visit him.

That just really showed me that when we search to just do good things for God's children, he leads us to places where he needs us to be. The work of the Lord is not about us..its about what the Lord can do through out efforts...I love you all.. Have a great week!! Never give up a chance to serve!

Elder Wilkes

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