With Faith Anything is Possible

Well we had another swell week here in Asiole. This week we baptized 2 children of God. That was a real blessing. One of them was the father of a part member family who were baptized in July. The mom bore her testimony and was so grateful and said that she has been praying for a change of heart in her husband. This guy has had a lot of problems in his life and had a lot of problems with the world of wisdom in the past, but he is seriously a legend. I seriously love this family. I baptized him, and honestly I was super scared because he is huge and was worried I wasn't going to be able to get him back up out of the water. But it all worked out well. The other guy we baptized is Brian. He is 14 and his mom was baptized at the begining of this month. He is a solid guy. He is the cousin of all of the jovenes that don't have a mom. They are some really solid people. Later that night we had a lesson with a promising investidagor that we have. Her name is Dora and she has a ton of problems in her life, but she told us that she has been praying for guidance for years. It's really cool and humbling to be able to tell her that we are an answer to her prayers. The gospel is the guidance that she needs. Her and her daughter are going to be baptized on the 30th of this month.

Yesterday on P-day we played some soccer at the local church and it was a good old time. I will be honest I was striking and had a bunch of goalazos. The young men from our ward were getting so mad that all of the gringos were beating them. It's so funny. Another weird thing that happened this week was we had been teaching a really old couple and we went to visit them and their house of lamina was gone. Like literally was just in this field and it is not there anymore. Anyways if they died no doubt they accepted the gospel in the afterlife. Anyways lately I have been working really hard on my faith because it lacks a lot. But I know that with faith and the Lord Jesus Christ anything is possible. Have a good week everyone.

Elder Wilkes

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