Where God Wants Me to Be

Dear Family,

Well we had another good week here in this great old land. Well to start off anyways this week I threw up all over the floor of a less active's house. We had eaten lunch and I wasn't feeling the best all day but I was doing fine then we went to visit this lady and after we finished the lesson she said she wanted to give us beans. They actually taste super good. But I knew that if I ate them I was going to throw up. Anyways I explained to her that I was super sick but she just said that the beans would help my stomach feel better. Anyways so after we started to eat I knew that it wasn't going to go down. So we went upstairs to use her bathroom and we COULD NOT find the light. It was so funny. Then I just could not hold in this stuff anymore and it just came out all over her floor. Anyways then it happened again and after that we found the light. I seriously felt so bad that it happened but she is a nurse at the hospital and was super nice about it. Anyways we went home and I showered and then in the next lesson the same thing happened. But this time I threw up in the bathroom so that was a real blessing. But those were some awesome experiences that I am sure me and my comp will never ever forget.

We didn't have any baptisms this week. But we have 2 coming up this weekend so that is always a good thing. This week we were having having a second visit with a lady that is super awesome and we had talked to her husband before and they had seemed really promising. Anyways we found out that he is an alcoholic. Halfway through the lesson with his wife he came in super drunk. Anyways we started talking and then he just broke down crying. He said he doesn't know where to turn for peace or anything and can't stop drinking. Sometimes I just feel so young in situations like this. Because really I am an 18 year old boy. But what I told him is that Jesus Christ loves him and that through him anything is possible.

There are not really many things I'm sure about in my life but one for sure is that Jesus Christ is our Savior, he appeared to Joseph Smith and this gospel is true. If you ever doubt that don't, because it's the worst thing that any of us could do. That's a knowledge that I am glad I have and am thankful for it. Because times like that I just know that I am where God wants me to be. Thank you for all the letters and love and support.

Elder Wilkes

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