Trust in the Spirit

Hello All,

Well it has been another week here in Guatemala and it was a good one. We are working super hard this month because we have a goal as a mission to baptize 400. This past week me and my new comp, Elder Shelton from Meridian, Idaho baptized 2. They were both miracles. On Saturday we worked with the traveling assistants of the mission and they challenged us to have the faith that we would baptize someone on this last Sunday. So we reviewed the list of church attendants and prayed to see who we should go and visit. Me and one of the assistants went way up into the mountain to visit a man who had shown a lot of interest and had been to church a few times. We followed the spirit and we were able to help him be baptized the next day. The same thing happened with a sister who had been coming to church and we got 2 baptisms. We helped 2 people take the first step in following Jesus Christ so that was really awesome. We also have been working hard with all the recent converts. We have about 50 percent of the converts attending right now. I don't know all of them and I have had to take charge with my new comp because I know the area. So that has been kind of hard because I still don't really know what I am doing. But it has been super good to force me to really learn to trust in the spirit and let it lead and direct me. 

One of the saddest things I think about a mission is how we always will find new people and they will feel the spirit super strong and then we go back and they just have no interest or anything. On Saturday night we found a less active by door-knocking and her father had recently died. We taught her and I was bearing my testimony of her dad waiting for her help (he never was baptized) she was just bawling and was so excited to get back to church and on the straight and narrow path. Then the next day she didn't show up for church. It just is sad how people feel the love of God and then just go back to old ways. But we just have to stay strong on the path of righteousness and strive to help others. Halloween looked fun from all the pictures. There were even people trick or treating here. Everyone have a great week.

Elder Wilkes

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