Every Reason to Be Happy

Well we had another great week here in the blessed land of Guatemala. It's turning into summer here and wow it has been hot. Like wow I'm sweating all of the time. But I'm working on the tan of my arms so that is good. Anyways me and my companion have changes. So that is sad. I will get a new trainer tomorrow. But that will be good because the Lord knows what he is doing so there is nothing worrying about here. But I seriously loved my companion, he is a great guy. Anyways we had two baptisms over the weekend. That was really awesome. I baptized a little boy who is 10 and has been a member his whole life. His parents are returned missionaries. They have some problems at the moment and he never was baptized so I got to help them out. It was really a good experience. They were super grateful, but pray for them that they can work their problems out so that some day they can be an eternal family. The kid is super funny and he was freaking out in the font because the water was really cold. He choose me to baptize him because I am white (haha) and because he said I am more fun than my companion. He is a great kid. We also baptized the cousin of all those boys that are members. He is 12 and super awesome and loves to come to church. They will be leaders down here one day.
We also have another baptism on November 9th of a man whose wife and family was baptized in July. We finally got him to commit and he will be a really solid member. We got him to commit when we talked about the Atonement with him. That is such a joyful message that despite all of the mistakes we make we can become clean again. Always. And we should repent every single day. Because we all make mistakes. I don't care who you are, you are not perfect. I'm not even close to being perfect and all we can do is our best.

Sometimes it's hard to teach people the gospel here because honestly they can't read or really understand. But what I do know is that God loves them as much as he loves any of us. And we will all be judged according to our abilities and God knows us. Really I can feel God's love for these people so much. On Saturday the kids that I have talked about wanted to buy us food. So they bought tamales for us. And I felt bad because they have no money. But as we sat there on the mattresses on the dirt floor and ate the food with our hands, I felt the love of God for them. I don't know everything or anything and honestly it's been awesome to get destroyed this last month and be humbled. But what I do know is that God loves his children and through Jesus Christ we can return to live with him again. And that gives us every reason to be happy. Love you all, have a great week.

Elder Wilkes

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