How the Lord Works

We have had another week here on the beautiful earth. Yes, we did feel the earthquake yesterday. It sounds like all of the family is doing well. Addi had a good baptism, Jamison is running fast, and Baker and Ward are playing one of my favorite sports, flag football. Great game.

Well, I have experienced my first week of disappointments in the mission. But it really is good. I have learned a lot and when the Lord humbles you that's when you can learn. Our baptism feel through this week and every single one of our appointments except for two. The only people who ever want to listen are thirteen year-old girls or old men who just want to fight with us. They are so funny. Yesterday we hiked way up in the mountains to find investigators and it was kinda hard because none of the people can speak real Spanish. It was more like an Indian or Lamanite Spanish. Also I got sick. Justin has told me some stories about sickness on his mission and let me say I think I can understand now. All part of this experience. I have learned a ton this week about how the Lord works and what he works through. We need to have faith in Him to see miracles. But really the most important part as missionaries is that we always do our part; and that is to invite others to come unto Christ. We still see miracles everyday and it really is a blessing to be here. I boar my testimony in Spanish in church and my companion said that is made sense so I think I am getting a little better, but there is still along way to go. This is kind of short but I really don't have much to say. Other than the Lord works in his own ways and in His own time. We keep finding all the unprepared people right now but that means we are just narrowing down the ones that are prepared. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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