What are we doing to serve?

Hello Family,

Alright first off want to give a quick shout out to Thanksgiving that is coming up. Seriously my favorite holiday by far. Me and Elder Shelton are going to be eating mac and cheese probably. Anyways we had a nice week once again here in Asiole: This change is flying by and there is only and week and a half left. I am guessing that I will be leaving to a new area but who knows. Anyways this last week was kinda disappointing. Pretty much any positive people that we had dropped of the face of the earth. So we are back at square one which is always super fun.

This last Sunday when everything fell through I seriously was getting ready to destroy everyone. My comp, investigators, The members. Then I had to stop and remember about really how blessed I am. One, I have already baptized 8 people in my mission. Some have them have been beyond prepared to receive the gospel as well. Two, I don't have a dirt floor and my shower will go hot every once in a while. When things in life get hard honestly just take a step back. Count your blessings then you will just laugh at all yourself for complaining. Honestly all of us are so blest. It's funny how I just realize how selfish and prideful I always was before I came down here. Really I was such a punk. That's just a quick public apology to all. (Especially Mom) Things like complaining about FHE or Scripture study, those things are pure blessings.

Another thing I have thought about a lot lately is time. Down here everyone has a saying that is "Primero Dios" or "God First." Everyone says that and basically nobody lives it. In life we all have the exact same amount of time. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, then it all starts over. We have busy schedules and crazy lives but in the end if something is important we will make time for it. If the gospel and the commandments are important to us we will make time for them. We show our love for God, Jesus Christ, and anyone else, really by the time and service we give them.

President Monson said this If we don't lose our lives to the service of our fellow man, our lives have little purpose. Occasionally we need to review and ask what we are doing to serve our fellow man. All we can do is get better. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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