Thanksgiving in Central America

What's up Everybody,

Alright well it's been another week here in Central America. Proud of my family back home who participated in the Thanksgiving run, someday I will proudly join the group. Anyways we had a pretty good week here. We didn't have any baptisms this week. We have 3 people that could have been baptized. But it has been super sad to watch Satan just destroy all of their desires to be baptized. Really I have seen that Satan can honestly be super powerful. But God has way more power. It's really our choice to embrace either power. That's what I have learned from watching this family.

Alright so on Thanksgiving we ended up buying Dominos. That was pretty good and a real blessing. But it wasn't really worth it 20 minutes after when we were flying down the streets. They don't have Thanksgiving here and it was super hot so it really didn't seem anything like it.

Basically this week we have just been looking for news and working with the 3 progressing that we have. We had this sweet guy named Vicente Lopez who came to church on Sunday. Later that day we were at his house and he was asking us questions about the service. One of them was if Nefi was a priesthood title. At first we were super confused were he came up with that then we remembered the Elders Quorum President's name is Nefi so that was super funny. Also when we were heading to that lesson we were kinda late and so I was booking it and my comp was running behind me. I was sweating super hard and when we went to leave the lesson he thought I had sat in water. Anyways I just had to explain that I just sweat a lot. Other than that everything is good. The church put out a sweet Christmas video so we are working hard with that. It's awesome seriously everyone go watch it. Alright well everyone have a good week.

Elder Wilkes

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