The Best Message We Can Take is a Smile

Dear Familia,

Alright well it's Tuesday again. So that means that I am obligated to write to all of you guys. Alright well we have changes so my companion is leaving. So that means that I will be here until febrero por lo menos. He is a good guy and we did have some problems but we got them all worked out. So I will get my third trainer which will be weird. This next change is 8 weeks so that will be a bit long but we have some serious work to do here.

Anyway things are going pretty good. We didn't have any investigators in church on Sunday so that was hard. Pretty much everyone we have found has some serious marriage issues. Shout out to everyone who reads this and is married by the law and not just united in living together like everyone else here. But nevertheless we are still working. I should be having my first marriage in a couple weeks so that will be good.

I really do love Guatemala. It is so crazy. On Sunday we started church with like 10 people because we have been commanded by the area presidency to start on time. Then we blessed a baby and they did it wrong so we had to get out the church manual.  So that was an awesome experience. You really just cant take anything for granted that you get to see here, because some day I wont be here.

Last night we had a fun experience, we were just knocking some doors and some lady just started saying horrible things about the church and Joseph Smith. We were getting pretty offended. But really after we realized how dumb it was. The message that we take to people really is about happiness. And we to be happy so we can take that message to others. The best message we can take is a smile. It really has been good to understand other churches more. There is basically a church on every corner. Its weird to just see the apostasy. The physical affects are very apparent. But it's always nice to remember that really no matter what people say I know that the church is true. And that Joseph Smith was a prophet. No one can ever take our testimonies away. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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