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Alright everybody well I am writing on Monday today because tomorrow we are going to the temple as a zone. I would have told you all last week but I did not know until last night so sorry about that.

Anyways life keeps rolling here in Guatemala. I can't believe that we are already in March. Time goes by so fast. The rain is going to start pretty soon so that is always a huge blessing. Anyways we are in summer here and it is so hot. I am not even on the coast so I have no idea what I am going to do someday when I am there. Anyways we are in March and the mission has a goal of 400 baptisms this month so that means we have to have a lot of faith. But I know that the goals that we get are really revelation from our Father is Heaven so I know that we will do it. We did not have a baptism yesterday but this Saturday we are going to have a baptism and I am so happy. It is a single mother who lives with all members so it was really a miracle. Her sister in law talked to me in church and said that she just didn't understand why it was important to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We literally just went and talked to her for 5 minutes and she was ready to get baptized. It was such a tender mercy from the Lord.

Anyways we have started seeing little miracles every single day. We have had a hard time with our church attendance because the church is super far away. But we are finding people for this month. So that has been super good.

Anyways my companion was super sick and it has really helped me to learn patience. I always thought that I was somewhat of a loving person but the Lord is really helping me to learn what love is. I am very thankful for that.

Anyways one funny thing that happened this week was with the members. They are so crazy, I just love it. We were going to teach this guy and we were with a member and while we were walking there we were just hyping him up to challenge the guy to get baptized on the 15th. And then in the lesson wow he really did it. He just stood up and started giving it to the guy and it was so crazy. Just like screaming his feelings. You just have to love these people. Anyways I love you guys.

Elder Wilkes

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