God's Love is Perfect

Dear Family,

Alright well it is that time of the week again when we get to communicate with each other. Anyways on a positive note on Saturday we had a baptism. That was so awesome. I don't think there is really anything better than seeing someone coming closer to Jesus Christ. I don't think there are really words to describe the joy that come from that either. Her name is Jessica and she is a single mother and has a 1 year-old child. She lives with all members so that is a big help for her.

Anyways on a cool note next week we have a conference with Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. Anyways last week when we went to the temple for P-day the missions presidents wife told me that i had a nice voice and she asked me to sing in a group for it. It is with a few other missions here in Guatemala so that will be cool. I am pretty nervous but you know I was in the Cedar Hills 2nd ward choir so that means I was prepared for anything. Looks like those practices with dad and Baker and Jamison with Mom at the piano have really payed off.

Anyways one thing that I learned this week was about love. With my companion and just with this whole country in general. Anyways we were suppose to have our baptism at 5 on Saturday and me and Elder Castro were just waiting for like an hour and then finally people showed up and then nobody from the bishopric came and it was just really crazy. I was really frustrated. And to top it all of at the end our ward mission leader gave like a talk that was super evangelical so it was just an amazing experience. Anyways people are not perfect. I am not perfect. But Gods love is. Charity is a thing that has to be worked for through actions. The next day as I got my hair cut I just talked to this guy about his life and everything and it just made me realize how much I love the people and the country. What a blessing it is to learn from them each and everyday. Anyways here are some pictures and also I won't be writing until next Thursday.

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes

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