Living the Dream

Alright well what is up everybody? Here I am still in Guatemala still just living the dream this week has been crazy and seriously the most amazing experiences. Anyways my new companion is named Elder Sorto and he is from El Salvador (shout out to Mikala). Anyways he really is a great kid. He has gotten frustrated with me already and so that always makes things fun. But I just love this guy and I'm thankful for his desire to serve the Lord. One thing that we are working on is that it is not enough to just be in the mission. We really have to make the most out of it. Also I am a district leader now so that is more responsibility which is great, I guess.

Anyways well yesterday was honestly the greatest day ever. It was amazing to be taught by an apostle of the Lord in person. He taught for about an hour and it was incredible. All of us had the opportunity to shake his had and to meet some of the area presidency and also Elder Richard G. Maynes of the Seventy. Elder Anderson taught on the Atonement and that was incredible. I know that as each and everyone of us find the power of the atonement in our lives that the Lord will give us the opportunities to share it with others. Honestly the biggest joy that I have felt in my life has come from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There is not a greater miracle than that of forgiveness. The Area President also asked us all a great question: Do you desire eternal life? I am almost positive that everyone can answer yes. But the next question is what are we willing to do for it? we should all just think about that a little.

Anyways me and my companion are teaching a really good family that we found. The first lesson the guy Jonas cried. They came to church and he told us that he is ready to be baptized. But his wife decided that she didn't want to listen anymore. So everyone please pray for her. This guy Jonas is amazing though. He was really prepared by the Lord. Anyways I love all of you guys. Keep on Keeping on.

Elder Wilkes

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