Diligent With Exactness

Alright well what's up everybody??

This week we had a really good week here in Alamedas. My companion got really sick so that has been kind of hard. One thing I know for sure is that the Lord definitely wants me to learn patience in this change. We have a tradition in the mission of being diligent with exactness. So we still have to work really hard even when he is so sick.

Anyways things are going well here for the moment. We don't have a lot of investigators but we are working towards destroying the area here in March. The leaders of the church here have really, really huge goals. They want to divide the stake and see a temple here.

Being a trainer here is fun and hard at the same time. When we were practicing teaching the Law of Chasity the other day my companion said-"La verdad es que relaciones sexuals son una gran bendicion." I was seriously just rolling on the ground laughing because it was so funny. Sometimes he will just say the funniest things in the lessons and I just die. But he is a great kid and progressing nicely.

Quick shout out to Baker for winning the championship game for his team. And Micah and Elise for having a great family activity. I cant watch videos so I don't know what your baby is, but I am sure that it is a good one.

Sometimes it is weird to think about how different all mission are. Micah told me Chloe hasn't taught a lesson yet. I feel here that we didn't do enough if we don't have 10 lessons everyday. Missions are different with different challenges and rewards but the important thing is that we all walk the road to Damascus and become more converted to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Well love you guys hope you all have a great week.

Elder Wilkes 

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