Baaaa Pues

Dear Family,

Alright well I do have changes. And wow i am going to be a trainer....so i am a little nervous for that. I just have about 6 months in the mission so it is not very normal for someone to be a trainer a that young age. But I am thankful for the opportunity that the Lord has given me.

Anyway well we had a good last week here in Asiole. I am sad to leave because man we were really starting to make progress in the ward here. Also excited because I have knocked every single door in my area. So that will be a blessing to have some fresh doors to knock. We didn't have any baptisms in this week but we had really made progress with our retention and with less actives.

Well my mind is really going blank today on what to say. But yesterday we played basketball here and wow it was the dream. My companion didn't want to play but he was a good sport about it. But us gringos sure did love it. It felt so good to play again, but wow I am not as good as I was before the mission. One of the pictures here is of a guy who sits on his doorstep all day everyday. He cant really here but we just always yell HI to him and the he says Baaaa Pues. Which means Alright. So that was always such a good way to start the day.

Yesterday we helped a member build their house of metal and today we are going back to do some more. So that will be exciting. Well love you all. I will think of more stuff next week to write.

Elder Wilkes

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