The Biggest Thing I've Learned

Well the weeks are really going by quickly. I am very thankful to almost be starting a new month.... That is all the difference in the world for the mission field. Sounds like everyone is doing well I am very proud of you Jamison for the effort you gave in your race.... (nobody even told how you guys did).

Anyways things are going good here for us. We really have found some good people lately... sometimes it is different here because we just have to find the people who are ready to baptized. A lot of missionaries talk about planting seeds but here they don't even give us that option. Anyways one of my recent converts on Sunday was called to be a teacher in the relief society. So that was really cool. I have loved being here in this area for a long time and the progress I have seen in the converts...

Anyways someone asked me what the biggest thing I have learned on the mission is. The biggest thing I have learned is how to present a message. Seriously sometimes I just think of the fact that missionaries have seriously been in Guatemala for a long time......pretty much every single door that we knock has been knocked before.......the difference comes from a missionaries ability to make the gospel look attractive.... you can see this difference in sacrament meeting speakers... Also the apostles are really good at selling what they have. Anyways that is what I have learned. I love all of you and hope that you have a good week!

Elder Wilkes

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