Another Day to Preach the Gospel

Well it is that time of day again.... anyways things are going good here as usual.. Another day to preach the gospel. This last week was a very, very interesting week for us... A lot of learning and a lot of work to do. On the bright side me and my companion stayed together and that is a huge blessing for me. Lately we have not really had any investigators progress so pretty much we are starting from scratch...

We are teaching this one guy named Ismael Garcia. Everyone in town calls him Tarzan because he used to play goalie for a soccer team here in Guatemala. Anyway he pretty much reminds me of dad because he is like 65 and has a ton of kids.. His oldest sun is a convert and his brother is a guy that we baptized here in June. He is pretty dang funny! His wife hates us though. When we come into his house she will not even look at us. But the thing is if we can convert him to the church the entire city will end up getting baptized!! These small farm towns are fun because everyone knows everyone.

This last week though I have really been in a period of reflection. Over the past couple of months the mission has really gone well. We have had a lot of success and finding teaching and baptizing and retaining people has not been hard. This month we have not seemed to have done anything right. Sometimes we feel like we are doing everything in our power to help other people. Really we just can't seem to figure it our. Anyways yesterday I read John 21 and it really touched my heart. I know that as each and everyone of us look to make changes each and everyday that we really can become more like the savior and we can follow his plan. I love you all have a good week!! Jamison win state tomorrow.

Elder Wilkes

A recent convert made this and put it on his wall.

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