Find Excitement in Life

Well it is that time of week again... This week I cant send any pictures because where we are at does not have the option to do it.. anyways I am glad to hear that Baker and Jamison had good times at Homecoming! Anyways this is going to be rough because.. I seriously can't think of what to say.. I need more questions.

On the bright side I am staying with my area here in the zone so i am very excited for that! This will be such a good fun change. Anyways I have never stayed in this area for longer than 3 changes so I am exicted for that..

This last week was a little rough..... We found 5 new families. anyways none of the welcomed us back in to their homes after the first time when the spirit was so strong... so we have been working a lot on patience recently.

One thing that has really been worry me here in our zone is the excitement of our missionaries. I seriously feel like me and my companion are trying everything that we can do to help people feel excited. Really it makes me think of where we can find excitement just to live our lives. One of the problems with missionaries is they just fall into a routine. And really I don't think that life should be like that.. life is meant to enjoy and to learn and to grow and have a lot of bad things happen to you but still just know that everything will be okay! I love all and hope that everyone is doing well. I will try and write better letters..

Elder Wilkes

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