If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments

Dear Family,

Well it sounds like everyone is doing very well. Conference was really, really cool here. It is true mom conference is not as loved and appreciated here outside of the states. On Saturday the sessions were amazing and I was really learning a ton... on Sunday I honestly did not get anything out of it. The internet was not very good and so we had to watch it in Spanish. It is so hard to watch it in another language. The translators are really very boring.... but overall it was a really good time.

This last weekend we had the baptism of Jose Pablo to finish of his family. It really was a very sweet experience. Before he started coming to church he was a very heavy smoker... it was incredible to watch as he was changed by the atonement. As he left the water he said.."now i am clean" it was incredible to see and to hear.

Well this internet is so slow so I am really losing my patience. Today we had our monthly zone training and it was really fun. President Markham came and all of his 6 children were there visiting him. It was very cool to meet all of them. Anyways I really liked President Monsons message in priesthood. Keep the commandments. It has been so funny because all of the converts in our area will not stop talking about that. Yesterday we went to go pick up a convert to visit and he was sleeping, anyways he woke up and came out with his hair all messy and says "If you love, keep my commandments." It almost brought tears to my eyes. The gospel really is so simple. If you love me keep my commandments.

Elder Wilkes

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