The Temple is a Place of Peace

Dear Family,

Well we had another really good week here as always. This last Wednesday was really sweet because I got to go to the temple for the first time in like eight months. It was really cool and the whole time I got to sit next to our mission president and wow he really taught me a bunch of cool things. Temples are really such places of peace. Even though we woke up about 4 to get there it was worth it.

This last Sunday we ended up having 3 baptisms. We had the baptism of Luis Antonio. He is nine and had been going to church but had never actually gotten baptized. His mom doesn't live with them so it was good to see his feel love from all of the ward members. We also had the baptisms of Jose Daniel and Lili who are the husband and daughter of the lady who got baptized last weekend. It was very sweet and their son Jose Pablo who was the very first out of them all to go to church finally has gotten over his addiction to marijuana and is going to get baptized of Sunday! So that is going to be very exciting to see for their family.

This last week when his mom found out that he was smoking.. she locked him in his room with the word of wisdom phamplet and told him to read it until he had it memorized. It was seriously the funniest thing ever. It is incredible to see the changes of people. The first time we knocked on their doors the dad was just standing outside without a shirt with a bunch of beer cans by him.

On a positive note we found a giant family and had 15 investigators come to church on Sunday! It was so crazy because on Saturday we were there visiting them and right when we finally got everyone settled down in walked like 4 missionaries from another church and started handing out papers about how Mormons don't believe in Jesus...we didn't think they were going to end up coming but in the end they went to church.. Well I am very excited for Conference this weekend! Hope everyone is too. love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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