Virtue, An Attribute of Jesus Christ

Well we have gone through another week here in Antigua. The time is passing so quickly that I can not even believe it.

This last weekend we did have 1 baptism. It was Janet Cardona. She is really amazing. we only found her 3 weeks ago and was baptized as quickly as possible. Her daughter and husband are preparing to be baptized this Sunday! So that is going to be really exciting. her other son, Jose Pablo was going to get baptized but was having problems with the word of wisdom. He got so sad because he could not get baptized in the end. He actually kind of ran away... so pray that we can find him! Also this last weekend we had a really cool miracle on Saturday. We were driving home from our meeting with the ward mission leader and he told us about a family of members that live in our area. The live like in the mountain not even close to anyone else. Anyways we felt like we should go visit them and we went and they have a kid who is 9 who never got baptized but has been going to church like every week. So he is also going to get baptized this weekend.. I really know that god wants us to have success here and is we are worthy of what he has planned he will give it to us.

Anyways we got a few new rules as a mission to be able to raise the mission to the next level... it really makes me think of the level that the prophets and apostles live on. one thing that i have noticed here is just how sad the world is. really how strong people are here to live and to be faithful in the church. I know that virtue is the hardest attribute of Christ to obtain but it also it one of the most important things in our life. What do we do as members of the church that makes us have more virtue?

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes

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