A Run Down of Last Week

Dear Family,

Well it is another week here in the internet. These are really the hardest 75 mintues to stay awake in the whole world..

Anyways we have changes tomorrow. My companion Elder Stewart is going to leave. Also Elder Thomas is going to leave and get a real trainer. I am very thnakful for everything that I learned from them.

Well here is a little run down of last week:

Monday:  Well we got special permission from president to leave the zone. We went to like the best mall here that is like 30 minutes from us. Anyways pretty much consisited of us eating Taco Bell. Elder Stewart bought new shoes and then we went home and we cleaned the house.

Tuesday: We had a pretty normal day.. we found 3 new investigators and we did divisones with a kid from Mexico...he was super hilarious and we had an all around great day. For lunch we ate subway. there are only 2 in the whole mission.

Wednesday: We had a good day. We did get in a fight as comps so the spirit was not really with us from like 2 to 5. On the bright side I gave a drunk guy the pen of Elder Thomas.

Thursday: We had a good day and we did weekly planning which is the longest 2 hours all week.

Friday: We had a conference on the tv with President Nelson. The conference with him got canceled because elections here are on Sunday and things are getting pretty crazy.. so we watched it and it was so inspired. I was receiveing a ton of revelation and then the transmition got cut off so that was a bummer.

Saturday: We had to go sign new house contracts and we had to do a ton of surpirse baptismal interviews. The buses stopped and we had to call a member to come get us and we didnt get home till like 10 so we had to call president..

Sunday: We had a good baptismal service with 10 people, as a zone. I have some good pictures but I forgot my camera... President Markham baptized a family of 4 so that was really cool.. we stayed up really late working on dats. We cant sleep on Sunday until we finished..

Yesterday the highlight of the day was playing street soccer with a plastic ball... Elder Stewart and I beat Elder Thomas and our convert Nilson 17 to 3...

Well that's about a recap of everything. I love you all. Have a good week.

Elder Wilkes

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