The Power of the Spirit

Dear Family,

Well this last week everyone we had changes! My new comps name is Elder Gallacher. He is from Sandy and went to Brighton High School. We entered into the CCM together. We were really good friends.. so it was a very exciting change. I am so excited for these next weeks.

Anyways this last week in Guatemala was elections for president.. lets jsut say that things have been kind of crazy. On sunday night a bunch of protestors lit a bunch of tires on fire in our area..also broke into the school where the voting took place and lit all of the tickets on fire hahha so in my city nobody won for mayor. or we still dont know..

But on the bright side we did have so sweet experiences last week:

The best thing that happened to me last week was a way cool experience we had the afternoon after changes.. We were walking down the street to a second visit of a family that we found. on our way the spirit told me not to go there. I was confused because this was a super positive family. Then I remember this door I knocked a few weeks ago. Anyways we were told to go there and we did. and we found a man who was drinking named juan carlos. anyways we had a powerful visit with him and then he came to church on Sunday. It is incredible how the spirit can guide us in every single moment.

Also on saturday the same thing happend. There is a boy named Juan Pablo who has been coming to church with his neighbors. He is 17 and really has no direction in his life. Anyways he is going to get baptized on Sunday. This last saturday we went to visit his parents and we had such a powerful visit with them. Anyways they ended up going to church on sunday and also are very interested in baptism. I love the gospel and the power of the spirit.

Do we really enjoy the spirit like we shoudl everyday?

Love you Ball hard
Elder Wilkes

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