Sundays and The Sacrament

Well I think you all got the message that we were going to write Wednesday...we were going to have a conference in the capital with President Nelson but last minute on Sunday night it got changed. So we will have it this Friday. it will not be live anymore and we are just going to watch it via satellite.

Anyways this last week we had a really hard week. Sometimes it really is good to have hard weeks. The new family we brought to church told us never to come back.. feel asleep in a bus one day and we ended up far away...and we found a convert drunk in the street. Sooo you can just say that things were going pretty good. But really it was a great learning experience. This whole last week i had just felt really insufficient. Like i really wasn't doing anything to help anyone else... but then on Sunday i was able to take the sacrament and i really had a sweet peace come over me. I really know that god is happy with me and all of us when we do our best. The sacrament has become an entirely different thing on the mission. It really becomes something that you look forward to every single week.

Funny things that happened this last week:

1. Yesterday morning we were going to the church to send in the dats of the zone. On the way there, we were getting out of a tuc tuc. that is public transportation. anyways I was paying the guy and the bus we needed started to pass by.. so we sent Elder Thomas (the new gringo) to go run and stop it. Anyways he just ended up jumping right in. and the bus started to leave. He turned around and realized that we were not on the bus...anyways he started screaming in english and tried to jump off. I have never seen so much fear in theface of one man. To make a long story short we were able to climb on the back of a bus and make our way in. it was amazing.

2. Also last Friday we went to eat lunch with a wealthy family in our ward. Elder Thomas really still has never had real guatemalan food. Anyways they gave us pickled turnips... so i decided that he needed to eat some. I took the biggest one and put it on his plate. It was the funniest thing on earth watching him eat it. He was gagging and saying he was going to throwup. It was a great exprience. Please pray everyone for our 16 baptisms that we will have as a zone this weekend. we need all the help we can get. I love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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