In The Service of the Lord

Dear Family,

Alright well I heard that it is spring break so that must be awesome for everyone enjoying that. Sounds like everyone enjoyed conference. It was really amazing, every message really spoke to me in a different way. It is really kind of sad here how little of the members took the chance to watch conference. what a great blessing it is to us.

This last week here in Guatemala was La Semana Santa. So pretty much every living soul went to the coast for the beach. We knocked a lot of doors but it is always crazy to see how much apostasy there is here. One crazy thing that happened this last week was that some guy on the street asked to come and pray for his mom. when we got to his house she could walk and had a problem with her legs. Anyways then the guy wiped out this huge bottle of oil when we were praying and started rubbing it on his moms feet. Then they started chanting and it was just crazy. We just prayed that the Lord would please help them learn of the gospel some day and then we quietly left.

We do see little miracles everyday. We are really blessed to be in the service of the Lord. On Saturday after we finished Priesthood some members called us and said that they had someone that wanted to talk to us. it was an old lady whose wife had left her a few years ago and was really suffering in her life. She said that 3 days earlier she got a feeling that she need to go and find her friends (the members) she told us that she could even sleep because she could feel it so strong. Anyways she didn't end up coming to church on Sunday but my faith was really strengthened that when we are diligent and obedient with exactness that we will see the miracles. I wanted to cry (but i didn't) because i was so grateful that the Lord gave us a sign that he never forgets us. What a great blessing we have to be members of the church of Jesus Christ. And to have his Atonement.

Also we went to the lake yesterday for pday. This are the people in my district. Love all you guys.

Elder Wilkes

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