Become Better Disciples of Jesus Christ

Dear Family,

Well time is really going by fast. I know have 8 months and i can not believe that. Mikala is getting married and wow the world is really changing. Anyways we had a really good week this last week. We had a baptism on Sunday of a 75 year old man, His name was Alredo Perez and it was really an amazing experience. In the midst of a ton of confusion I forgot to take a picture so that was sad but the important thing is that I can remember the Spirit that was there.

Anyways a scripture that I have learned lately is D and C 46:13. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and how important that is is to really know that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Not only because people have told you or anything like that but because you have received a confirmation of the spirit that he is the Christ and that he lives, something that you can all think about.

This weekend we are working on baptizing a little girl named Jessica who is 11. She goes to church everysingle week with her nieghbors. Her in the stake with have really high goals and with
 the Leadership we have really been analyzing them. One thing that I have learned recently is that something we forget the importance of an individual. I have loved what they said in general conference that really statistically being a christian is not that friendly. The important thing is that we see everyone with the potential that God gives them. I have made a goal to look to become better by seeing the people and those around me in a positive manner. By asking the simple question of Lord is it I? I know that as we follow the counsel of President Uchtodorf here that we will become better disciples of Jesus Christ. I love you, Changes are next week so we will see if i ever leave Amatitlan. Love you all,

Elder Wilkes

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