God Loves Us

Alright well sorry I did not write yesterday everybody it was because we went to the Zoo. Here we don't write on Pday because we don't have time so we always write on the day that we have our district meeting.

Anyways life is going well. Sounds like everyone had a great spring break and that Jamison is now just one short year away from being an adult. Sounds like Tay had a great surprise birthday and that the nieces and nephews are crazy as always. Anyways we are working towards having 3 baptisms this week, we are going to have to work some miracles here. we have a little girl named Jessica who goes to church with her neighbors. She has been to church and really likes it, we just have not found her parents so we can get permission to baptize her. Also we have a very old couple that we have been teaching, they have a hard time understanding bu they really like church. They used to go an Evangelical church and so they have a lot of false things in their heads. But they are praying to know. It is just different because they can not read so we are working hard so they can receive testimonies of the Book of Mormon. The lady also doesn't have any teeth so sometimes we cant understand her.

In this area we have struggled to find investigators but we see little miracles everyday. Yesterday I was feeling kind of down after we bought our food, just feeling sorry for myself I don't really know and then out of no where a bus pulled up and this guy who lives in my other area just jumped off. He is the father of a bunch of members and he cant hear or speak. But he gave me a big hug and just said I love you. I know that God loves each and everyone of us so much. And he wants us to feel it. We just have to be humble enough to accept his will. Thank you for your love and support and your prayers. I can feel them.

Elder Wilkes

This is my best friend in this mission. He is from Ogden and he has 6 more weeks than me. El otro es que estaba predicando la santa palarba.

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