As We Do Our Best

Dear Family,

Well it really sounds like everyone is doing good getting ready for the big wedding. Sad I will not be there for the dance floor but you know life goes on. Also sounds like Baker is really driving like a king.

Anyway turns out that I will not be leaving this area. I have knocked all the doors about three times. But with a lot of faith, I know that we can do it. I am happy to be able to finish the training of my son Elder Sorto as well. Anyways we have seen a lot of miracles lately here.

First off last Monday we were going to have a Family Home Evening with our ward mission leader. Anyways when we got there they weren't even home. So we started to knock some doors. Like 5 minutes later the elders quorum president walked by, and we ended up going to do a family home evening with a less active family that he had found. Anyways when we got there it turns of that the mom and 2 of the kids never were baptized. I have never cried in my mission but I almost did out of gratitude. They are all going to get baptized on the 10th of May. The parents are going to get married next week. 5 months ago the father just lost his sight. They have been humbled greatly but the gospel has helped them to find joy again. Also they have a grandma who is crazy who was baptized but was going to another church, so she makes a lot of comments that are pure apostasy but it really makes things interesting.

Also this weekend we are going to baptize the wife of this old man we baptized 3 weeks ago. She took a little while for her but she is now ready. On Sunday we went to go get them for church really early because he cant really walk. and we got there they were not there. we started looking for them and then saw them way up the street. They were so excited for church that they already left.
I know that as we do our best the lord will bless us with miracles. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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