Like a Storybook

Dear Family,

Well thank you for all the happy birthday wishes. This morning on the bus my companion tried to get everyone to sing happy birthday. Anyways nobody went along with it. But then he just started yelling to everyone that I was rich and American and that I was going to buy everyone cake. It was super funny. When he said that everyone started cheering.

Well this last week we had another sweet week. We baptized. We had a single lady who is the cousin of a convert and she had been to church for like 4 months straight. Anyways we had 2 really spiritual lessons with her. And she decided to get baptized on Sunday.

This last week we found a new investigator named Luis Pacsun. It was Thursday morning and we were just knocking on some doors. We finished a street and I started to leave. Nobody accepted us. Anyways as I was leaving Elder Stewart called to me. He was like I just saw a guy. We went and talked to him and he was like come on in. Anyways we go in and the house is just destroyed. Beer bottles and cigarets were everywhere. We teach him and he cried. The spirit was strong. Like a storybook you know? Anyways we leave a Book of Mormon there. We go back the next day and walk into the house and everything had changed. Cleaned up, he was shaved and showered. HE HAD READ ALL THE WAY TO 1 NEPHI 9. He told us how the book was changing his life. He went to church and will get baptized on the 16. Right now he is just finishing 1 Nephi.

I love the gospel and the spirit. The Lord's work is to help others feel the spirit. I love you all. Have a great day.

Elder Wilkes

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