Hear the Music of the Gospel

Dear Family,

Well this last week was really a crazy week for us here in Antigua. Seriously so many things happened. First off we had a wedding on Saturday and a baptism. A young family of 20 and 22 got married and baptized. It was a sweet experience and we had a convert of 4 months baptize him. We took a lot of sweet pictures and stuff but in the confusion leaving this morning I totally forgot to bring it. But it was a sweet experience and the ward is helping them to prepare for the temple. Really we have been blessed baptizing ever single week in this change. We have really learned to help others hear the music of the gospel. I would suggest that everyone should study that conference talk. We really have just been helping everyone hear and feel and it has made a huge difference.

Anyways with a little success, Elder Stewart and I did get prideful this last week. Oh man the Lord really taught us a lesson. We could not find anyone new and were left with nobody after our baptisms. We also had a super busy week and did have a ton of time to work because we had a lot of things to do for the zones. Anyways on Saturday night, we finally realized that pride had gotten to us. Anyways we made the changes we needed to. I am so thankful for the miracle of forgiveness.

Anyways this week we're not really expecting any miracles. We just had to gain the Lord's trust again. So then the assistants came to work with us yesterday. Me and Elder Pinedo left to work. He is a great guy. We went to visit a lady named Marybel Garcia: she has been to church a bunch. But we had dropped her because she told us to. Anyways we just went to visit her yesterday and the spirit did its job. We just taught through the spirit and she is going to get baptized at 7 tonight. Anyways we called my companion and the other assistant and Elder Stewart and they did not believe me that she was going to get baptized. But she will tonight.

Anyways I have learned that missionary work is not that hard. We find people. Be worthy instruments and then teach people.

Also on a cool side note. Since we completed our baptism goal for the month of June, the stake president here, who is so cool got permission to take us to one of the nicest places to eat in the capital. It was so good. The best steak I have ever eaten. It was like my first dinner in a year. Because we don't have an hour for dinner here. I was pretty sweet. Anyways I love you all and am very thankful for the love and support. Shout out to Ruby Wilkes. And Kendra as well for having a baby.

Elder Wilkes 

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